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 How Many Books?

I got an email from someone who wanted to know the total number of books that I've sold.

Answer: I have no idea. I suppose I could dig out all my old royalty statements (which are on paper), spend a day doing data entry, and come up with a total. But that's way too much work.

Then I remembered that Amazon provides data from BookScan for authors. The only data available is for the past eight weeks:



That's 7,367 books sold in 56 days, which works out to an average of 131.6 per day. I've been writing books for about 18 years, but sales weren't always as good as they currently are -- although they have also been much better. So let's assume 100 books per day for 18 years. That's 675,000 books.

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 Mini Books

Somehow, Mike Foster figured out a way to miniaturize books, so they fit in a shirt pocket. He sent a photo:

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 Excel Cat

Daniel sent a photo, and a brief review:

My cat enjoyed your book.

I should note that cats really like the later editions.

If you have any photos of my books out in the wild, send 'em my way, please.

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 Adjusted For Inflation

In 1993, in the Preface for Excel 5 Power Programming With VBA, I asked for reader feedback, and wrote:

Of course I would prefer to receive comments like, "This is the best book I've ever read" or "Thanks to this book, I was promoted and now make $150,000 per year."

In the second edition of that book, I raised the salary to $175,000. In the Excel 2000 edition, the salary expectation (inexplicably) went down to $85,000. In the Excel 2002 edition, it went up to $90,000. It increased again in the Excel 2003 edition, up to $105,000. In the Excel 2007 edition, the salary expectation rose to $112,000. In the Excel 2010 edition, it will be $124,000.

Here's how it looks graphically:

I wish I could remember why I reduced it for the Excel 2000 edition. Maybe someone told me that the salary was unrealistic.

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 The Book Winners

Today's 2-hour PUP sale was a major success. I was really surprised by the turnout. There are now 135 new PUP users. That works out to more than one per minute of the sale. Frankly, I was expecting about 50, tops.

The "but wait, there's more!" part of the sale was a free book for three randomly chosen customers. I asked the winners to provide a prioritized list of the books they want, because I only have one copy of some of them. They were all able to get their first choice:

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