8 Best In-Person Excel Classes in Seattle

Once, at a long-ago job interview, I was asked about my comfort with Microsoft Excel. I quickly assured the interviewer that I was extremely comfortable with all sorts of data analysis and was a quick learner besides. I was sure there was nothing the job could throw at me that I couldn’t handle. Of course, then I got the job.

Here’s the thing: I really thought I knew most of what there was to know about Excel! But while I could set up basic formulas and functions and even knew my way around a few hotkeys, the first time I got a look at the budget workbook for my department, I realized I had no idea where half of the data was coming from. I was scared to even breathe in the direction of the spreadsheet in case I broke a formula that I didn’t know how to fix. I knew this couldn’t go on, so I took matters into my own hands and went looking for an Excel intensive to get me up to speed.

Like a lot of people, I’m much better at learning in an in-person class environment. So I’ve put together the results of my research to help you find the right fit without the frustration I experienced. Below, you’ll find a list of 8 in-person Excel classes in Seattle catering to different knowledge levels, from beginner to advanced, as well as different desired skill sets, budgets, and schedules. I’ve also included comparisons on price, duration, skill level, and who the class is best suited for, so you have the information you need to make the right decision for your needs.

8 In-Person Excel Classes in Seattle, Washington State

If you’re not even sure where to start with and all the information on the Internet overwhelms you, go through my 8 Excel classes picks. They all deliver value for money and quality tuition, according to reviews and they’re all right here in the Seattle area.

1. Excel Bootcamp from General Assembly

Excel Bootcamp from General Assembly

If you love intensive learning formats, the General Assembly Excel Bootcamp could be right for you. This one-day bootcamp combines most of the curriculum from General Assembly’s fundamentals and advanced workshops into a single day. While this requires you to be a quick learner, it’s a great way to go from no Excel knowledge to a high degree of proficiency in very little time. 

You will leave with a grounded overview of key Excel topics, with a focus on learning key shortcuts and formulas for ease of use and efficiency. The bootcamp also touches on conditional formatting and math functions, data organization, logic and reference functions, pivot tables, and trendlines. You will walk away confident in your grasp on the basics of Excel charting and formatting. 

Note: you will need your own copy of Microsoft Excel on your laptop for the course.

Title: Excel Bootcamp
Price: $200
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Beginner
Location: General Assembly Seattle, 1218 Third Avenue, 3rd Floor, Seattle, WA
Ideal For: Beginners in Excel who thrive in “intensive” formats; Intermediate learners in need of a refresher course; Corporate group training

2. Database Features and PivotTables Training Course from Business Computer Skills

Database Features and PivotTables Training Course from Business Computer Skills

This course is for those with basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel that wish to explore Excel’s data handling features in greater depth. Topics covered include: list and table features; importing, working with, and analyzing data; and an in-depth tutorial on pivot tables. Learn to use timelines and create calculated fields, create slicers and work with database functions. Skills you learn are applicable for Excel 2016, 2019, or 365.

You can attend classes at the learning center in Seattle, or organize a group class of up to 6, 12, or 18 people at your place of business.

Title: Excel Database Features and PivotTables
Price: $299
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Intermediate
Location: 1700 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2100, Seattle, WA
Ideal For: People in data analytics roles; Anyone needing to expand their knowledge of databases and PivotTables.

3. Excel 2016 Part 1 from New Horizons

Excel 2016 Part 1 from New Horizons

If you’re a complete beginner to Microsoft Excel, this introductory-level course from New Horizons will help you get comfortable with the fundamentals as you slowly build up your skills. The first of three levels of courses on Excel 2016, Part 1 walks students through understanding what Excel is, how to navigate it, and its basic uses, before moving on to basic skills such as performing worksheet calculations, building custom formulas, and applying formatting changes throughout a workbook. You will also get confident with a range of basic Excel commands and workbook properties. 

This course is also a good first step if you’re interested in getting certified in Excel. Taken together, New Horizons courses are designed to be excellent primers for the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification exam. Courses on Excel 2019 and 365 are also available if your workplace is tied to a specific suit.

Title: Excel 2016 Part 1
Price: $295
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Beginner
Location: New Horizons, ​​800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4100, Seattle, WA, Office #4285 
Ideal For: Beginners who need to become proficient in Excel and prefer learning in slower, layered formats with plenty of instruction time, Beginners aiming for certification in Excel.

4. Excel for Power Users from ONLC

Excel for Power Users from ONLC

This course is designed for people who are already confident with Excel but would like to make sure they’re up to date on the functionalities the program has to offer. 

By taking curriculum from five ONLC Excel courses, this fast-paced intensive gives students a high-level overview of topics including: chart templates and formatting; using Excel data in other Office applications, financial, logical, lookup, and reference functions; pivot tables and data analysis; and a basic introduction to macros. You will also get some tips and shortcuts to make your day-to-day Excel usage more streamlined. 

The course will be taught in Excel 2019, but is compatible with 2013/2016 and 365 too.

Title: Excel Power User
Price: $795 or $895 when booked within a week of the course.
Duration: 2 Days
Level: Intermediate
Location: Downtown Seattle ONLC training center, 1700 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2100
Ideal For: Intermediate learners needing to upskill or get reacquainted with advanced Excel functionalities fast

5. Advanced Excel from American Graphics Institute

Advanced Excel from American Graphics Institute

This course from American Graphics Institute is for students who are already proficient with Excel but want to learn advanced skills. The course works to prepare you for working with complex data sets, with a focus on Pivot Tables, conditional formatting, and macros. 

Topics covered include: nested IF statements and IF with AND/OR; goal seek; data tables; pivot charts; INDEX-Match, Double Match, and VLOOKUP-Match functions. You’ll also get an overview of Excel hotkeys to help you get more proficient at setting up workbooks without using your mouse.

Title: Excel Class- Advanced
Price: $249 
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Advanced
Location: AGI Training Seattle, 5228 20th Ave NW
Ideal For: Business users requiring advanced data-handling knowledge

6. Excel Training: Intermediate & Advanced from Sonic Training

Excel Training Intermediate and Advanced from Sonic Training

This course is another one meant for students that are comfortable with Excel fundamentals but wishing to further expand their skill set. 

The course is split into two days, with the first day focusing on Intermediate skills such as: advanced formulas; PivotTables, Slicers, and PivotCharts; inserting, modifying, and manipulating graphic objects in your worksheets; and creating enhanced, customized environments in MS Excel.

Day 2 focuses on Advanced skills, including: macros; collaborating with other users; auditing and troubleshooting worksheets; analyzing data with trendlines, sparklines, and scenarios; working with multiple workbooks; and importing and exporting Excel data. 

Title: Microsoft Excel Training: Intermediate and Advanced
Price: $595
Duration: 2 Days
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Location: Yarrow Bay Office Park, Quad One North, 10604 NE 38th Place, #118, Kirkland, WA
Ideal For: People with solid Excel fundamentals who require more in-depth data-handling and interpretation skills

7. Forecasting and What-If Analysis from ONLC

Forecasting and What-If Analysis from ONLC

If you’re looking to become proficient in data modeling, this course is an excellent overview of the built-in and add-on Excel features used in predictive analytics.

The course covers Excel forecasting functions, the quick analysis tool, and What-if analysis with scenarios and goal seek. You’ll also learn how to use the “Solver” Add-on, with an intro to the tool itself and an overview of use cases including capital budgeting, financial planning, and optimal product mixes. Finally, you’ll focus on gathering data and using Excel data models.

Title: Excel Forecasting and What-If Analysis Course
Price: $395 or $445 when booked within a week of the course
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Advanced
Location: Downtown Seattle ONLC training center, 1700 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2100
Ideal For: Business users looking to learn advanced predictive data analytics skills

8. Visual Basics for Applications with Microsoft Excel from New Horizons

Visual Basics for Applications with Microsoft Excel from New Horizons

If you use Excel on a regular basis and feel like tasks are taking you forever to complete, this course will help you harness the power of Visual Basics for Applications (VBA) to completely change how you work with Excel. VBA is a programming language used to create macros to automate repetitive tasks in Microsoft Office Suite, making them consistent, fast, and near-effortless.

VBA macros can be recorded, or programmed from scratch, employing loops, conditional statements, objects, and variables to solve common business problems. You will also learn to troubleshoot your VBA code and identify, avoid, or fix common errors to make sure you are getting the most functionality out of your macros.

Title: VBA with Microsoft Excel V1.1
Price: $595
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Advanced
Location: New Horizons, ​​800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4100, Seattle, WA, Office #4285
Ideal For: People who use Excel regularly and wish to automate some of their business processes

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of the classes above caught your eye and you’re all set to level up your skills. I wish you luck! And I sincerely hope that you excel at your studies (sorry, sorry, couldn’t help myself). 


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