8 Best In-Person Excel Training Classes in Atlanta

Raise your hand if you avoid even opening Microsoft Excel unless your boss makes you? I certainly once did. Formulas, tables, workbooks… let’s not even mention macros. If I had any skill for coding, I’d be a programmer, right?

While Excel is a surprisingly simple program at heart, it’s all frightfully intimidating if you’ve never had help getting to grips with its mysterious inner workings. And if you’re in an office job, chances are your boss just expects you to know it all! (Probably because he doesn’t know much about it, either.) There’s always that one kind soul with the magic Excel skills that you can ask for help once or twice, but you can’t just keep consulting them!

When that was my situation, I decided to do something kind for myself on a whim: I signed up for a three-day intensive Excel class. Not only did it help me get past my fears, but that flashy new certificate looks great on my CV, too. And as a bonus, I find I’ve become the magic Excel guru everyone comes looking for. And I promise, I’m nothing all that special. If I could do it? So can you!

I’ve always liked being able to chat to an instructor face-to-face, and ask my questions as they occur, so for me, in-person was the way to go. Online learning is fantastic, but it’s not right for everyone! And whether you need a CV upgrade or just a little refresher to boost your confidence, or whether you want to learn a specific new skill to up your efficiency, it can be tough to find just the right course for your needs.

That’s okay, I’ve got you covered, with 8 great solutions to your Excel problems (as long as you’re a fellow citizen of Atlanta, at least). Below, you’ll find a list of my top 8 in-person Excel classes in Atlanta. I’ve done the research, checked the reviews, and compared the prices so you don’t have to. There’s a wide range of skill levels and topics, and I’ve broken down what you can expect from each course in greater detail. With each listing, you’ll also find a nifty summary of costs, duration, and the skill level and job set each of these courses are a good match for. All you need to do now is select the perfect one for you.

But macros? I still don’t want to talk about those. Luckily, several of the helpful instructors from the list surely will.

8 In-Person Excel Classes in Atlanta, Georgia

As I mentioned, these are the 8 in-person Excel classes in Atlanta that most impressed me with their track-record and reviews. They each offer something a little different, and I hope you will find the one that’s perfect for your skill level, budget, time constraints, and expectations.

1. Excel 2019 Part 1 from New Horizons

Excel 2019 Part 1 from New Horizons

This course from New Horizons will set you up with foundational-level Excel skills, so it’s perfect for raw beginners. It focuses on Excel 2019, though some of the skills will be transferable to 2016 and can translate to the Office 365 suite, too.

In this course, you’ll learn how to enter, organize, and present your data meaningfully. You’ll start off with an introduction to the Excel 2019 interface and the very basics of data entry, then put your new skills towards performing calculations with functions, modifying, formatting, and printing workbooks, then get some direction as to how to manage workbooks in Excel.

Title: Excel 2019 Part 1
Price: $295
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Beginner
Location: New Horizons Atlanta, 53 Perimeter Center E, Atlanta
Ideal For: People starting from scratch; Learners who prefer a slower learning pace and focused lessons

2. Excel Level 3 from Netcom Learning

Excel Level 3 from Netcom Learning

This advanced course from Netcom Learning will help you move from a confidently intermediate level of understanding in Excel to mastery of more advanced concepts. There’s a particular focus on automating processes you already handle manually, and smoothing collaborative work in Excel with features like sharing and protecting workbooks. 

In this course, you will be introduced to more advanced functions and formulas, and get comfortable with conditional logic, especially for large and complex data sets. 

New skills you’ll add to your toolbox include: Lookup functions, formula auditing, forecasting, sparklines, and data mapping. 

One last thing—if you or your employer is looking to secure Excel training for an entire team, Netcom Learning also offers group training, so you can have an instructor come directly to your premises.

Title: Excel Level 3
Price: $295
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Advanced
Location: Netcom Learning Atlanta, The Pinnacle Building, 3455 Peachtree Road North East
Ideal For: Corporate training; Confident Excel users wishing to automate their work and learn more advanced data analysis

3. Excel Macros from ONLC

Excel Macros from ONLC

This course from ONLC is specifically geared towards teaching an advanced Excel user who handles large datasets to automate their regular tasks. It’s aimed at users of Excel 2016, 2013 and 2010.

In this course, you will learn to configure Microsoft Excel for macros, recording and running macros, creating dynamic macros, and how to incorporate functions and formulas into your macros. You will also learn how to use macros with files and how to create your own macro workbook. Finally, you’ll focus on using macros for data entry. 

Please note, this isn’t a macro programming course, so it might not be the right fit if your automation needs are really complex. However, if that’s the case, ONLC also offers a slightly more advanced version of this course that includes using Visual Basic for Applications to program macros in Excel. 

Title: Excel Macros
Price: $395, or $445 if you sign up within a week of course start
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Advanced
Location: ONLC training center in Atlanta, 3355 Lenox Road, Atlanta
Ideal For:  Advanced users who handle large data sets that would benefit from more automation

4. Excel Bootcamp from LEDET Training

Excel Bootcamp from LEDET Training

If you’ve got basically no Excel knowledge but need to be an expert, this three-day intensive course from LEDET Training will take you step by step from opening the program for the first time through to advanced excel concepts.

First, you will learn the core concepts of worksheets and how to input data. The class will cover analyzing data sets and combining, reordering, and summarizing data for use by others. Iterative calculations, charts and art, PivotTables, and other core Excel functions will be introduced. Next up, auditing worksheets, adding security features, integrating with Word and exporting data, and using audit formulas. Lastly, the class will touch on macros and automation.

Title: Microsoft Excel 501: MS Excel Bootcamp Training Course
Price: $999
Duration: 3 Days
Level: Beginner through Advanced
Location: Ledet Graphics Training, 3301 Buckeye Rd, Atlanta
Ideal For: Beginners who love to learn in intensive formats; Professionals who want a refresher or want to learn a wide array of Excel skills for their work

5. Excel Power Pivot Training from Skill Forge

Excel Power Pivot Training from Skill Forge

Going beyond Excel basics, this course from SkillForge is aimed at extending your analytical toolset and helping you become proficient at working with large datasets. The focus of the course is Power Pivot, an Excel Add-In that allows users with no specialized analytics training to develop data models and calculations. The course covers Power Pivot 2013, 2016, and 2019.

In the class, you’ll learn how Excel Power Pivot works with the core program, get comfortable with importing data and manipulating data through Power Pivot worksheets, define custom calculations using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) and create reports to share your findings. You’ll also learn how to use Power Pivot to define key performance indicators and how to use slicers to enhance data visualization. 

Title: Excel Power Pivot Training
Price: $299
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Advanced
Location: Onsite at your offices in Atlanta
Ideal For: Corporate training for small groups; Corporate learners who need to upgrade their data analysis skills

6. Data Analysis and Visualizations from New Horizons

Data Analysis and Visualizations from New Horizons

While some job roles only require you to be able to store and understand data, many others expect you to be able to interpret data, glean insights and find solutions to problems, make suggestions based on data, and even present data in an engaging, understandable way. That definitely sounds like a big ask, but if that’s what you’re facing, this is the course you need.

In this course from New Horizon, you’ll master the intricacies of data analysis and data visualization. You’ll begin with the fundamentals of each, then move through lessons on advanced formulas and functions for data analysis, how to create and use PivotTables, and Excel dashboarding. You will also learn about geospatial visualizations, statistical analysis, ways of working with data, Excel Reporting functionalities, and using Pivot Point. 

Title: Data Analysis and Visualizations with Microsoft Excel
Price: $590
Duration: 2 Days
Level: Intermediate through Advanced
Location: New Horizons Atlanta, 53 Perimeter Center E, Atlanta
Ideal For: Intermediate learners who need training in data analytics and advanced visualizations

7. Excel Tips, Tricks, and Timesavers from ONLC

Excel Tips, Tricks, and Timesavers from ONLC

If you’re an Excel regular that knows what you’re doing but works at a snail’s pace, this course will help you work smarter within the Excel environment. 

Instead of focusing on specific use cases or features of Excel, the course teaches students ways to work more efficiently, including keyboard shortcuts, AutoSum tricks, and easy ways to automatically fill in ranges with series. You will also learn ways to customize worksheet presentation, such as cell shading and the format painter, and get an overview of best practices when working with data, including lessons on tables, PivotTables, charts, and graphics.

Title: Excel Tips, Tricks, and Timesavers
Price: $295, or $345 if you sign up within a week of course start
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Intermediate
Location: ONLC training center in Atlanta, 3355 Lenox Road, Atlanta
Ideal For: Professionals who use Excel daily in the scope of their work; Excel users who want to speed up their Excel process

8. Data Analysis with PivotTables from Netcom Learning

Data Analysis with PivotTables from Netcom Learning

If you have working experience with Excel PivotTables, but know that there’s more you could (and should) be doing with them, this course can help you master the PivotTable environment/

Topics covered in this course are: preparing and importing data into PivotTables, whether from a single or multiple local data sources or from external data sources; best practices for analyzing data through PivotTables; and how to create, analyze, and format PivotCharts. 

Title: Excel 2016/2019: Data Analysis with PivotTables
Price: $195
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Location: Netcom Learning Atlanta, The Pinnacle Building, 3455 Peachtree Road North East or at your work location for group training
Ideal For: Corporate Group Training; Learners who regularly use or interact with PivotTables who want to get more competent at using them for data analysis

So, that was my list! I tried to include a good mix of skill levels, budgets, and class focuses to make sure there was something for anyone who needs a little help, so I hope one of these in-person Excel classes in Atlanta meets your needs. If you signed up for one, I’d love to know how you got on, so please mention how it went in the comments below!


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