20+ Excel Jokes that’ll make you SQueaL

Knock Knock!


Who’s there?




Excel who?


Excel-lent Excel Jokes!

Well, perhaps not that one. But floating around the internet are a plethora of Excel jokes and memes. Some are clever, witty, and hilarious. Some are…. not. That’s why we decided to compile a huge list of our favourites. And, as you can tell by my initial joke, my sense of humour is #N/A.

Excel Memes

Let’s plug into the matrix that is Excel memes:

Excel Jokes Matrix Meme

I think we clicked undo a few times on Keanu:

Excel Jokes Keanu Undo

Hey, at least it’s green:

Excel Jokes Star Trek Print

Very few people understand the time that goes into making a PPP:

Excel Jokes Data Numbers

Technically, this is me today:

Excel Jokes Ruining Plans

Just walk away and pretend like nothing happened:

Excel Jokes Formula Error

I got shortcuts:

Excel Jokes Mouse Use

We can all get carried away with making graphs:

Excel Jokes Chart Graph

Still waiting:

Excel Jokes Scroll

I’m still not sure what that feels like:

Excel Jokes Functions

Excel Puns

Puns are PIVOTal to this post.

And I excel at them.


1. What do Microsoft Excel users put in their hair?


2. What do you call someone aroused by filling in the top line of an Excel spreadsheet?

A header row sexual.

3. It’d be suite to call your kids “Word” and “Excel.”

4. I really excel at Microsoft puns.

Take my word for it.

5. I’ve recently not been getting along with Excel

We don’t have the same values.

6. I couldn’t figure out how to use the average feature on Excel

Now all my data is meaningless.

7.Excel Joke Columnoscopy

8. A guy offered to document my life in Microsoft Excel, but I said no.

I don’t want him to spreadsheet about me.

9. Next year I’ll give up spreadsheets for 40 days and 40 nights…

It’s going to be Excel Lent

10. What shirt size does Bill Gates wear?


11. I’ve been typing numbers into Excel all day.

My fingers have gone NUM.

Excel Jokes

There is no magic formula when it comes to making Excel jokes. But these have really set the bar high.

1. A pivot table walks into a bar and orders a beer. It says, “Put me in the same tab, will ya?”

2. Where do you get a drink on Excel?

Formula bar

3. Good managers vs. bad managers

Good managers help their staff learn to succeed.

Bad ones force their staff to learn to Excel.

4.We don’t use our whole potential

Did you know that the average human being only uses 10% of Microsoft Excel?

5.Where the most dangerous place in an Excel file?


6. Why do spreadsheet wizards have their screens on the ceiling?

Look ups.

7. What do Microsoft Excel and climate change have in common?

They’ve both been commonplace since the 80’s, but boomers still don’t understand them.

And there we have it. Think you can do better? Drop your jokes in the comments below — if they make us chuckle, we’ll add them to the list.


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