Tournament Templates

This page is a collection of different competition templates for various sports and games. We have 12 tournament templates that sport fans all over the world have downloaded 272925 times!

Our free spreadsheet can help you following all kind of tournament games: badminton, bowling, tennis, golf, and, of course, soccer and football. Generate your own fixtures, schedule matches, create single or double elimination brackets, of play knockouts, last man standing, and office pool games.

Fully editable, feel free to play around with formula and tweak the templates to fit your needs. Made for Microsoft Excel, Mac Numbers, OpenOffice and Google Spreadsheets.

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Soccer League Creator

After 13 years of creating some major European league competition template for excel with the same layout, I thought about making new ones with more features, for example, add information about any teams...

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Soccer Team Stats Tracker

This is a Soccer Team Stats Tracker that can be used to record and track performance of your soccer team in a single excel spreadsheet. It is equipped with player and team summary worksheets. And there...

File Size: 7.2 Mb Downloads: 19099 Rating: 4.5

Soccer Tournament Creator

There are several requests within the last 4 months, since I released the Soccer League Creator template, about making the same kind of excel template but with tournament format. And I promised to those...

File Size: 13.5 Mb Downloads: 54512 Rating: 4.7

Tennis Tournament Bracket Template

This bracket basically the same with Badminton tournament bracket where the formula inside the bracket worksheet will automatically place all the players in the right bracket based on their scores which...

File Size: 561 KB Downloads: 9555 Rating: 4.8

Printable Tournament Bracket Template

What a competitive England Community Shield match which won by Chelsea on Penalty Kick. It made me cannot concentrate on updating my site for a while ... :-). So, I think, this 2009/2010 English premiership...

File Size: 190 KB Downloads: 13199 Rating: 4.8

Badminton Tournament Bracket Template

Based on my printable tournament brackets, I made brackets for Badminton tournament. Different than the previous one which only put all the players only at the first round bracket, this badminton bracket...

File Size: 465 KB Downloads: 6041 Rating: 4.7

Bowling Score Sheet

Last night, I spent the day by playing bowling. I scored 170, and that is the best score I have ever had till now. I played bowling just after I finished my bowling score sheet template, which I created...

File Size: 177 KB Downloads: 17710 Rating: 4.6

Golf Tournament Manager and Tracker

This golf tournament manager and tracker spreadsheet is one of spreadsheets that I have prepared several years ago. I created it when I was learning to play golf. I am being reminded again when I watched...

File Size: 26.2 Mb Downloads: 10890 Rating: 4.8

Match Scheduler and Fixture Generator

Several months ago, there are several people asking for fixture generator and match scheduler that is designed specifically for sports other than soccer that played in number of sets and require 2 or 3...

File Size: 48.9 Mb Downloads: 10891 Rating: 4.9

Single and Double Elimination Bracket Creator

This is an elimination bracket creator that you can use to manage your tournament that implement a single or double elimination system. Usually, they are racquet sports, like tennis, badminton, table tennis...

File Size: 7.3 Mb Downloads: 22388 Rating: 4.8

Last Man Standing Competition Template

This Last Man Standing Competition spreadsheet is an excel prediction game you can apply to any kind of sports competition. The aim of this prediction game is to pick and predict one team/people who will...

File Size: 1.9 Mb Downloads: 13296 Rating: 5

Rugby World Cup: Schedule, Scoresheet, and Office Pool

Rugby World Cup Schedule and Scoresheet This is a Rugby World Cup spreadsheet you can use to see its tournament schedule and use it as a scoresheet. It is equipped with formulas that will rank all participants...

File Size: 7 Mb Downloads: 26433 Rating: 4.6

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