Knowledge is power, but sharing is even more powerful.

When it comes to the sharing of knowledge, some people hoard knowledge, and some share it.

We wanted to be the people who share.

Creating free Excel templates is how we share what we know.

We spend days creating professional Excel templates, and then we give them away.

We receive a lot of emails asking us for support, custom work, custom Excel templates, consulting services… all kinds of Excel help.

We used to provide both free and premium support but quickly realized it takes a lot of time.

It takes a lot of time away from what we are best at… creating free templates!

When we are busy solving a small Excel issue for one person, we are not creating free Excel templates thousands of people could benefit from.

So we made a decision to focus on what we do best – free Excel templates.

No more consulting.

We won’t leave you hanging there, though!

To provide you with Excel support, we have partnered with Excel Rescue.

If you need help with one of our free Excel templates (fixing an error, customization, adding new features to fit your needs), please visit their website to get the job done.

They offer a money-back guarantee so you can try them out risk-free.

Their service is extremely affordable, they offer a quick turnaround, full confidentiality, and they have outstanding reviews.

Take a look at their website if you need any help.