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This bracket basically the same with Badminton tournament bracket where the formula inside the bracket worksheet will automatically place all the players in the right bracket based on their scores which filled manually.

As a sample, I put several big names on Tennis like the Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras and many others to ease you imagine how the bracket work..:-).

Tennis Tournament Bracket

In the setup, there is a tournament game rule that you can select whether the bracket will be used for "the best of three games" or "the best of five games". Your selection will affect the display of the box score in the bracket and will also affect the excel formula that calculating the winner of the match. I put short tournament rule in the setup.

You can read more detail about how to use this template in my badminton tournament bracket posting, because except those information above, the steps on using this tennis tournament bracket are the same.

Tennis Tournament Bracket Setup

If your tournament rule is combination of the best of three games rule before the final and the best of five games rule on the final, like tournament rule on ATP Tour matches except Grandslam tournaments, you can change the rule for the final manually. Unprotect the worksheet first (no password, I have to protect the worksheet because there are several formula around the box scores), go to final bracket, select the player cells, and change the cell reference, $G$5 into 3. And to make the additional two box scores appeared, select the cell, go to format > conditional formatting, and change the value 2 into 3. That's it.

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