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This is an elimination bracket creator that you can use to manage your tournament that implement a single or double elimination system. Usually, they are racquet sports, like tennis, badminton, table tennis which involve only two or four people but there are some non racquet sports that implement this scoring rules, for example volley ball. Besides ball sports, there are plenty of sport and non-sport tournament are implementing these elimination systems, because of its easiness, like card games, boxing, wrestling, computer game competition, etc. I have ever made a static single elimination bracket 6 years ago which can be used for any kind of head-to-head sports that require a number of winning sets to decide the winners. But, this new elimination bracket will help you reduce most of your time on making manual adjustment with those old brackets.

Single and Double Elimination Bracket Creator for Excel

Single elimination bracket is the most simple system if you have a limited day and time to organize the tournament. It is easy to arrange the matches, either using a random or seeded drawing. The drawback is, maximum half of participants will be headed home after the first matches. Perhaps some of them won’t be satisfied, but it is common. To compensate this issue, there are another system that could be implemented, which is called double elimination which require participants to lose twice to be eliminated in the tournament. This system is a little bit complex, because you have to design the same pairing matches, that lose in different beginning rounds are not met again until final, or at least semifinals. It is easy to arrange for small number of participants, but it is a little bit complex for large number of participants and it requires more precise bracketing algorithm to avoid those early meeting possibilities. Fortunately, there are many static bracket already typed with pairing matches rule you can find and use in internet for free to help you managing your tournament, one of them is my old single elimination bracket.

So, what are the differences between them and my new creator? My Single and Double Elimination Bracket Creator are not only generate an automatic pairing matches based on your input, but also will generate a schedule that will help you organizing your playing venues and time for those participants. It should shorten your time to organize your tournament. They are created in Microsoft Excel without any macros being used, so you can easily switch the file between any Excel version (2007 and above) and OS version (Windows of Apple). And you can modify its layout or if you have some knowledge of excel formulas, you can tweak it to make it more suitable with your rule. Below are some brief description about my brackets.

Single Elimination Bracket Creator

This lite edition will allow you to arrange a tournament with 16 participants. There are three available models. Tournament for Single Score, Best-of-Three and Best-of-Five Sets system.

To start using this lite version, you should pick your model and define some parameters in setup worksheet. Parameters that needs to be setup are :

  • Number of Players/Teams, between 9 – 16 players/teams
  • Starting date and time, it can be any date and time
  • Number of used venues, for example you want to use 4 courts for tennis tournament
  • Time interval between matches in same venue, for example you predict each match will end maximum in 2 hours, so you can put 2 hour to separate two matches in the same court.
  • Maximum usage for each venues, it will limit the number of matches held in same court.

After setting those parameters, you can type your venue names and participants in respective tables. After that, you can go to bracket 9 – 16 worksheet to see your first round pairing matches and their schedule and start using this bracket through out the tournament. If you want to change its pairing, you can switch player name in player name table.

There is also a venue schedule worksheet that you can print and distribute among your participants to see in which venue and at what time they have to play. If you need to print matches based on dates and time, you print the third/right table at setup worksheet.

Because the scheduler is based on certain and fixed algorithm, you can’t modify the schedule automatically from setup worksheet. If you need to do that, you need to change it manually in tournament bracket (just type it in schedule box below respective pairing match). Make sure you have an original copy of this spreadsheet just in case you make an error while working with those manually.

Double Elimination Bracket Creator

Steps for setting up this bracket are the same with single elimination bracket steps above. All matches and their match location will be scheduled automatically. After finishing with those steps, you can continue with respective double elimination bracket to start managing your tournament. You don’t have to think about putting players that lose in correct bracket because it is done automatically by excel formula. And if you want to change its pairing matches, you need to switch your player names in setup worksheet. Or, you can also directly switch in tournament bracket by replacing player name and print it, but you still need to make a copy of original bracket and schedule just in case you will need it again.


≡ Flexible number of players
Single elimination bracket will accommodate until maximum 128 players while double elimination bracket will accommodate until 64 players.

≡ Automatic Pairing Matches Generator
After you finished typing your team/player names in team/player table, the excel formula will automatically place them in respective brackets. You can change first round pairing matches by switching team/player names in its table. Everytime you update the scores, winners (single and double elimination bracket) and losers (double elimination bracket only) will be automatically shown in next round bracket

≡ Automatic Match Scheduler
You will get tournament schedule automatically after you set some parameters below :

  • Starting date : Starting date of the tournament
  • Starting time : Starting time of the tournament each day
  • Number of Venues : Number of used venues
  • Maximum usage of each venues a day : Maximum usage of each venues a day
  • Time interval : Time interval between matches at the same venues a day

≡ Layout Customization
Shown worksheets can be unprotected without password. You can change its layout (change color, font, background) and tweak excel code (remove 3rd place bracket, remove second match final, remove about worksheet) to suit the bracket with your needs.

Lite vs Pro

If you plan to use these brackets for larger participants (up to 128 for single elimination, and up to 64 for double elimination), where you also want to modify its layout and tweak formulas inside, you can use the Pro version where you will get both of those elimination bracket creators.

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