About The Spreadsheet Page

Started as a hobby site in 2006, The Spreadsheet Page grew to be one of the most popular excel template resources. Over the years, we have added hundreds of excel templates to this site. They were not always free. In 2019, we changed that.

Knowledge is power but sharing is even more powerful.

When it comes to the sharing of knowledge, some people hoard knowledge, and some share it. We wanted to be the people who share.

As of today, every single template you find on The Spreadsheet Page is free. These templates are created by The Spreadsheet Page crew and by people from all over the world who wanted to share their knowledge (do you have a template you’d like to publish on our site? Get in touch!)

What is The Spreadsheet Page?

The Spreadsheet Page is a library of free excel templates that solve common problems in private life and business, improve productivity, and save time.

The Spreadsheet Page offers more than 600 spreadsheets that can help you with anything from feeding a baby to doing your taxes. Templates are organized in categories and themes. Each template comes with step-by-step instructions to make it easier to use and customize the template. You are welcome to make changes to the templates and to create your own versions.

Meet Our Team

Template Authors

Meet the experts who’ve helped build The Spreadsheet Page into the fastest growing free Excel template site. They have spent years learning the ins and outs of Microsoft Excel, and know many tips and tricks that it offers.

R. Musadya
Excel Pro and a sport enthusiast. I never miss watching NBA finals, Tennis Grand Slam Finals, Formula 1, MotoGP, football tournaments and competitions.
Daniel Butler
Over 20 years of experience in senior management. Specialties: business strategy, development, and planning, project management, product development. Love Formula 1 and motorsports.
Bart Szupryczynski
A self-confessed Excel enthusiast living in Denmark. Freelancing online, helping businesses with a wide spectrum of Excel related work. Always keen to learn more.
Nayab Hayder
Major in Computer and Managerial Sciences and 26 years of experience in teaching, IT, programming, web development. Love learning, sports, and history.
Jovenry Balangue
I am a spreadsheet expert with over 8 years of professional experience in Excel spreadsheet development, data analytics and reporting. I provides spreadsheet solutions to business clients across the globe.
Filip Angeleski
Experienced auditor and business analyst with a strong foundation in financial and cost accounting, IFRS, forecasting, cash flow management, and business analysis.
Nataliia Latsenko
Data Analysis and Modeling. Data Science & Analytics. Businesses analyzes, modeling strategies.
Hakan Gundogdu
Hakan is a finance professional with +10 years of experience. He focuses on financial modeling, financial analysis, and company valuation.
Will Richard
Qualified, experienced UK-based accountant with a passion for creating & improving Excel worksheets.
Snezhina Piskova
An aspiring wordsmith with a passion for Excel and learning. Photography. Languages. Creative writing. Japanese culture. Doing handstands.
Plamen Beshkov
Plamen is a PR Specialist passionate about creating meaningful content with the right message. He enjoys espresso, cooking, dancing, and helping people.
Christian Antonoff
Christian has worked as a journalist and is passionate about music, concerts, and coffee. In his spare time, he loves to travel and attend exhibitions.
Neal McSpadden
President at Online Tax Solutions Group. I specialize in helping business owners and entrepreneurs minimize their tax burdens through proper tax planning.
Duncan O'Donnell
I enjoy playing tennis and having a beer at the end of the week. I am the founder of easyribbonbuilder.com and reside in New Zealand.


These are the heroes whose content you will find on this website. They translate difficult concepts into an accessible, easy-to-follow tutorials, or write engaging articles for The Spreadhseet Page blog.

Kirill Leshiner
Specialties: Financial Analysis, Financial Modeling, Cost Accounting, Product Pricing, Data Analysis, ERP Systems (SAP), Vegetation Science, Conservation, Plant Ecology.
R. Musadya
Excel Pro and a sport enthusiast. I never miss watching NBA finals, Tennis Grand Slam Finals, Formula 1, MotoGP, football tournaments and competitions.
John Walkenbach
The (Music) Man. The (Microsoft) Myth. The (Excel) Legend.
Lisa Tanner
A homeschooling mom of nine, Lisa Tanner uses Excel to help organize the crazy. She loves helping other moms tame the chaos and find joy.
Michael Suhr
I've been a tech pro for over 20 years; gaining experience in networking and training. My passions are the outdoors, photography, and communicating through writing!
Laza Panich
Pursuing a hands on engineering career from the product design stage to manufacturing. Learned inner workings of automobile technologies and traveled around Australia, Asia and Europe.
Sandy Writtenhouse
I love technology that makes our personal lives happier and work lives easier. This is why I write about both, to share what I find with others.
Anwesha Chatterji
Tenured HR professional with proven expertise and unique career exposure into corporate HR and remote HR consulting.
Heena Dhir
Almost a decade of experience in financial and management consulting. Having done her Masters from Manchester Business School and Bachelors from India's prestigious SRCC, I am now a growth consultant to startups and SMEs across the globe.
Marie Reynolds
Marie Reynolds is a genealogy consultant based in the Pacific Northwest and holds a Master of Arts Degree in Community Planning and a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology.
Richard Collinsworth
Richard’s 40+ year business career has made him an expert in nearly all things “businessy.” However, he enjoys new challenges, so no topics are “off-base” as far as he is concerned.
Jimmy Nissen
Data Analyst and Founder of ExcelNerds.com
Marcus Syben
A self-confessed Excel geek having spent the last 20 years as a professional Excel VBA developer in the banking & finance arena.
Jim Chapman
Senior Project Management Consultant with over 20 years of experience in planning, budgeting, estimating, and training for government, commercial, and non-profit clients.
Vijendra Ahuja
Data science blogger who loves writing tutorials and imparting knowledge on anything related to IT
Tevaites Fearnley
Tevai is a creative writer with a passion for digital marketing and finance. She has degrees in Archaeology and Finance and has published two novels.


What Excel version do I need to use your templates?

Based on our experience, the templates will work properly in Excel 97 – 2007. Starting 2010, most of the templates are created using Excel 2010 version. They are will work properly in Excel 2007 and later versions. It really all depends on a template. Some simple templates will work fine in any version, and some complex templates will require latest Excel version.

Why can’t I download the file?

Check your browser settings. Does it allow pop-ups? You can also try downloading from another browser.

How can I download your templates?

All the links to download templates are on their respective download pages. Just search for a download icon, or for the hyperlink with words “here” or “free” or “yes”. You need to click those hyperlinks to start downloading file to your computer.

Why the Excel function not working properly?

Many of our Excel templates require a minimum Excel 2007 version running (Windows). This means that if you are using another Excel version or OS, there could be some incompatibility where some functions are not supported. Some common issues we’ve seen:

  • for OpenOffice Calc – conditional formatting formulas, a few array functions.
  • for Excel for Mac – button, slider or selection box function.
Why does the template show “#name” in some cells ?

Some templates required the analysis toolpak add-ins to be active. You should activate the analysis toolpak add-ins to make all the Excel formulas working well. You can activate the analysis toolpak by following these steps:

  • Excel 2003 > Menu > Tools > Add-Ins > Tick Analysis Toolpak > Ok
  • Excel 2007 > Menu > Excel Options > Add-Ins > Select Analysis Toolpak > Go > Tick Analysis Toolpak > Ok

You probably need the original Microsoft Office installation if you experience problems with activating the add-ins. If the add-ins are active and you see no change, simply re-open Excel to see the changes.

Why some of the templates have protected sheets and cells?

There are two reasons why we protect some data in the templates. First, by protecting the formula inside the template we want to make sure you do not change it unintentionally. Second, to make it easier to work with the templates. Protected cells and sheets can be easily unprotected – you do not need any password to do that.

Can I pay you to do some Excel projects?

Not this time. We just don’t have the time. We have partnered with Excel Rescue to help you with Excel fixes and custom work. Please visit this page to find out more. You are welcome to send us your ideas and suggestions, and we’ll see if we can create something, and to share it with everyone on our website.

How can I contact you?

Just drop us an email! Please see this page for our contact information.