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This Last Man Standing Competition spreadsheet is an excel prediction game you can apply to any kind of sports competition. The aim of this prediction game is to pick and predict one team/people who will win in every rounds where the pick cannot be the same in every round. It should be easy in the beginning but it should be tougher at the end because of "can't pick the same team" rule. The winner is the sole survivor by the end of competition period.

Last Man Standing Competition for Excel

Basic rules implemented in this spreadsheet are as follows :

  • One competition is defined as a half competition where all teams will meet each other once. You can customize it by specifying the number of round and matches.
  • Each players must pick the winner in every round for the whole competition
  • Each players cannot pick the same team in each round
  • If your team's game is postponed, you will advance to the next round automatically
  • If result of your team's game is draw, you will be eliminated
  • This game rolls on until one player remains even though the competition is not over yet.

Remember that the basic idea is finding the Lone Survivor.

There are 5 working worksheets in this template. Those are,

  • Setup : to set this prediction game parameter
  • Matches : to type team matches for the whole competition and its result
  • Pick : to pick teams (worksheet where players can pick their teams)
  • Last Man Standing Race Board - by Player Name : to see race movement based on player name
  • Last Man Standing Race Board - Leaderboard : to see race movement ranked by players with better correct prediction

Here are steps to Use this spreadsheet:
Step 1 > Set Up your Game parameter

Last Man Standing - Setup Worksheet

  • Go to Setup worksheet
  • Set number of teams that participated in this league
  • Type team names
  • Set number of players who will join your game
  • Type player names
  • Type number of rounds & games in custom boxes. If you are not filling it, the number of rounds and games will follow the half competition values.
  • Define Wild Card condition, this is a condition where any players will advance if this condition is met.

Step 2 > Type your Team Matches

Last Man Standing - Match Results

  • Go to Matches worksheet
  • Type round # (column B), Team 1 (column D), Team 2 (column F)

Notes on step Step 2 :

  • Match # column will be shown automatically based on number of matches you defined in setup worksheet
  • "vs" column (column E) will be shown automatically if Team 1 and 2 are typed
  • There is a checking Table where it is built to assist you checking whether you have set number of matches per round correctly

Step 3 > Collect and Type your Player's Picks

Last Man Standing - Player's Picks

  • Go to Pick worksheet
  • Start selecting your player's picks
  • Players can pick their teams in every rounds on dropdown list (Pick carefully since you can't pick the same team throughout the game)

Notes on Step 3 :
Do not copy and paste between rows. It will break dropdown list link for respective players

Step 4 > Type Team Match Results

  • Go to Matches worksheet again
  • Select Team that win the match on Result column (column G)

Notes on Step 4 :

  • Standing Race refers to matches on Round #. Make sure that you type round # on every matches
  • You can select "Draw" in Result dropdown list if respective matches are ended without winners, and it will eliminate players who pick on both teams
  • You can selet "Postponed" in Result dropdown list if respective matches are not played yet because of any circumstances. It will advance players who picks on both teams. You don't have to change the result by the time the matches is resumed.
  • You can use copy and paste function but you are not recommended to use insert function

Step 5 > See Last Man Standing Race

  • Go to Last Man Standing worksheets
  • See your player standing race in Last Man Standing Race Worksheets. Correct predictions will have blue colors. You can see eliminated players will have light grey color with incorrect team prediction in its cell at the end of their pick rows.

Here, I will show you how to use Last Man Standing Competition Spreadsheet using matches in the first half of 2015/2016 Spanish Liga BBVA competition. Based on basic rules and steps above, below are conditions I set for this game. As you can see inside the spreadsheet, I put 15 players, 20 teams, and 19 rounds as its game parameters. I copied the first 19 rounds of Liga BBVA matches into matches worksheet. I also create a simple video guide you can watch below :

Perhaps, you have a question on how to implement this game with league where its matches already completed several rounds, for example Spanish Liga BBVA which already completed 2 rounds.

There are 2 options I can suggest :

  1. You set the result of the first 2 rounds as "Pass" which means all players can go to the 3rd round automatically, but they have to eliminate teams that they think they won't need it in the remaining rounds. You can inform your players that this 2 rounds is a bonus round.
  2. You copy and paste round 3 onward, and change the round number from 3 to 1, 4 to 2 and so on. So, there will be only 17 rounds.

Another question could be can this spreadsheet is implemented in tournament model? For example Rugby world Cup 2015 or World Cup 2018 Qualification? Yes, it can, but you have to add custom rule to be informed with your players. You have to adjust its rounds where it should be based on time instead based on original rounds, if you don't want to apply the original rounds to your game. The main reason, the original number of rounds should be very small to get the lone survivor. And also, your players have to pick the team carefully since the dropdown list won't separate the teams based on groups.

You can download the spreadsheet below. It accommodate up to 100 players and you expand it to cover up to  30 teams. You will have a full control to the spreadsheet where you can modify anything inside and develop it based on your own ideas. Lite version with up to 15 players is also included.

Template Contents

  • Last Man Standing Competition Lite V2.0 - 15 Players - La Liga Sample.xlsx
  • Last Man Standing Competition Lite V2.0 - 15 Players.xlsx
  • Last Man Standing Pro 100 players.xlsx

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