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What a competitive England Community Shield match which won by Chelsea on Penalty Kick. It made me cannot concentrate on updating my site for a while ... :-). So, I think, this 2009/2010 English premiership season will be interesting. Manchester United without Cristiano Ronaldo is still competitive, but Chelsea with Carlo Ancelloti will be a real threat. And don't forget about Liverpool with its ambition. I wish I could make the fixtures spreadsheet....

Okay, let's get back to the new template I would like to share. This is a printable tournament bracket template. I put a title printable, because there is no automatic formula in the bracket to finalize the tournament result. I just put the formula to setup the tournament bracket and place all the players or teams in their corresponding place based on their seeded in the first round matches bracket. Once you finished setting up the bracket and entering all the players/teams, you can modify the layout of the brackets (put title, picture etc) and print it.

Printable Tournament Bracket

And this is a single elimination tournament brackets with single up-down layout. I provide 16 team bracket, 32 team bracket, 64 team bracket and 128 team bracket with all first round matches are already set with common first round matches rules. You can use this for your football tournament, basketball tournament, tennis tournament or any sports tournament that use single elimination system.

Printable Tournament Bracket Setup

Guidance to setup this tournament bracket is as follows :

  1. Go to setup worksheet, put maximum players/teams where this is a dropdown cell that will provide only 4 option, 16,32,64 or 128. In seeded column, the number will be revealed based on your choice.
  2. Put the number of box scores that you want to be displayed in the bracket. Maximum box score that can be displayed is five and minimum is zero, which means that there will be no box scores. If you want to see how the formula working, just go to the bracket worksheet and see how the box score is displayed based on your preference.
  3. ill all of tournament players or teams in Player name/Teams name. If the number of teams is less than the maximum number that you set, just leave it blank. There is excel formula that will put "Bye" in the first round matches to replace that blank cells as you can also see in the sample bracket.
  4.  put samples in this template where you can see in the file itself or just enlarge the picture above.
  5. And there is first round matches preference next to the teams table that will place your tournament participants in the brackets. You can change this preference if you want the matches to be setup based on your tournament policy.
  6. After you finished with the setup, go to your bracket and start adjusting and modifying the layout.

I made this tournament bracket as a basic template for my upcoming automatic bracket template. Let me know if you found any error, because I was finishing this template at the same time with the Community Shield Match, and probably there will be any error that I missed to see :-).


At the beginning of March 2015, I have created a new tournament bracket creator that include both single and double elimination bracket system and equipped with match scheduler that will schedule all pairing matches in bracket automatically based on your setup information. You can find it on this website.

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