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On this page, you will find 11 Sign-In Sheet templates to help you with collecting contact details from attendees and tracking attendance.

Our visitor, meeting, employee, volunteer, and other event Sign-In Templates have been downloaded 45219 times since 2005.

Simply select and download the spreadsheet format that fits your needs, and use it at your event to gather all the important details you want to log.

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Blank Sign-In Sheet

A sign-in sheet can help you collect information from visitors or participants. By having a sign-in sheet on a clipboard available at the entrance to your event, you can easily gather the names, contact...

File Size: 240 KB Downloads: 6098 Rating: 5

Daycare Sign-In Sheet

A daycare sign-in sheet is a form that parents fill out when dropping their children off at daycare, preschool, afterschool, or other child care programs. They sign it again when they pick their children...

File Size: 440 KB Downloads: 5217 Rating: 5

Volunteer Sign-In Sheet

Volunteers help get stuff done! Many events wouldn’t run as smoothly without volunteers. But, as a volunteer coordinator, it’s important to keep track of your volunteers and ensure you have a simple...

File Size: 270 KB Downloads: 2600 Rating: 5

Employee Sign-In Sheet

Why do companies need an employee sign-in sheet in today’s technologically advanced society? Aren’t all of these records just handled electronically? While some businesses have switched to an electronic...

File Size: 240 KB Downloads: 4809 Rating: 5

Event Sign-In Sheet

How many people came to your last event? Who used to attend regularly, but hasn’t shown up for the last four? An event sign-in sheet allows you to see who attends your meeting, seminar, or any other...

File Size: 270 KB Downloads: 3199 Rating: 5

Parent Sign-In Sheet

A parent sign-in sheet is a form that parents complete when dropping off and picking up their child from schools, churches, sporting events, or other extracurricular activities. This provides an official...

File Size: 245 KB Downloads: 3202 Rating: 5

Meeting Sign-In Sheet

How do you keep track of attendance at meetings? When your employees arrive at the meeting do you ask them to sign in? A meeting sign-in sheet is a piece of paper where everyone who attends a meeting writes...

File Size: 240 KB Downloads: 2398 Rating: 5

Visitor Sign-In Sheet

Why would you need a visitor sign-in sheet? Keeping track of your visitors can help improve safety and protect on-site confidential information. Do you know who is visiting your building right now? Do...

File Size: 240 KB Downloads: 10011 Rating: 5

Patient Sign-In Sheet

Contrary to popular belief in the United States, patient sign-in sheets are not forbidden by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). But, there are some definite restrictions to...

File Size: 240 KB Downloads: 2710 Rating: 5

Real Estate Sign In Sheet

One of the most frustrating things for a real estate agent is having held a successful Open House, but being unable to recall or contact the people who attended the event. Using a Real Estate Sign In Sheet...

File Size: 240Kb Downloads: 2477 Rating: 5

Student Sign-In Sheet

How do you keep track of attendance for school classes, independent study, or other educational events? This free printable template will help you document whether students are present, tardy, or absent....

File Size: 250 KB Downloads: 2498 Rating: 5

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