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Organize your life with our free planner templates. Our library includes 9 planners with a total download count of 31065.

Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly – we hope you will find a perfect agenda for your needs.

These templates work best in Microsoft Excel but, since there are no macros or add-ons to install, you should also be able to use them with other spreadsheet tools – OpenOffice, iWork (Mac Numbers), or Google Spreadsheets.

Hourly Daily Planner With To Do List

Ever feel that you have too much to do, and not enough time to do it? Have you set personal goals, and then watched time pass, with your milestones unmet? A good daily planner can help. Time management,...

File Size: 93 KB Downloads: 3958 Rating: 4.9

Travel Planner Template

Finally ... home again. After spending one week in Hongkong and China, met with my offline business partners, finally I can straight my legs at home and hoping that all meeting there will give me good...

File Size: 199 KB Downloads: 8602 Rating: 4.9

Daily Planner

With the raise of gadget popularity like blackberry, iphone, or pda-phone with windows mobile operating system, planning your daily task is easier. You don't have to bring a planner book to plan and see...

File Size: 77 KB Downloads: 3147 Rating: 4.7

Monthly Planner

This monthly planner is created with different approach compare to weekly planner and daily planner template I have posted earlier. It is created based on the monthly event calendar with additional column...

File Size: 154 KB Downloads: 3410 Rating: 4.8

Weekly Planner

Following my daily planner template, I created weekly planner template with the same approach. This planner allow you to define your time lay out based on your type of works. For example, if you worked...

File Size: 82 KB Downloads: 4261 Rating: 5

Fundraising Goal Tracker

How much money are you trying to raise? What percentage of your full support are you at? Which month was your most profitable? When you are seeking to raise support, these questions can help you build...

File Size: 250 KB Downloads: 1772 Rating: 5

Goal Chart Template

Big goals can be discouraging; focusing on the end result of a long project can make you feel that the goal is unachievable. Breaking a big goal into bite sizes, however, can help you more easily stay...

File Size: 450 KB Downloads: 1849 Rating: 5

Daily Goal Planner

How do you track the things you need to do each day? A daily goal planner (also known as a goal setting journal) is one method you can use to ensure you get everything from your to-do list checked off....

File Size: 245 KB Downloads: 2132 Rating: 5

Goal Sheet Template

Setting goals is an important part of life. Whether it’s personal goals for improving yourself or professional goals for enhancing your business life, goal setting is important – and outlining concrete...

File Size: 240 KB Downloads: 1934 Rating: 5

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