Excel Finance Templates

50 excel templates to manage finances, cash flow, investments, and more.

Balance sheets and financial statements, calculators and trackers, budget, loan, profit and loss – whether you want to automate managing finances, or add privacy and convenience, we’ve got a template that will help.

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Money Goal Tracker 255 KB686 downloads
Checkbook Register 225 KB1969 downloads
Expense Tracker 490 KB1827 downloads
Daily Expense Sheet 1.1 MB3355 downloads
Grocery List Template 8 KB2022 downloads
Amortization Schedule Calculator 32 KB1866 downloads
Grocery List Cost Estimator 38 KB1485 downloads
Payment Schedule Template 23 KB2118 downloads
Bill Payment Calendar 6.6 Mb97571 downloads
Household Budget 113 KB28814 downloads

Cash Flow Templates

Annual Cash Flow Calculator 235 KB632 downloads
Operating Cash Flow Calculator 240 KB1397 downloads
Simple Cash Flow Statement for Small Business 240 KB1241 downloads
Uneven Cash Flow Calculator 290 KB1075 downloads
Cash Flow Diagram Generator 250 KB1388 downloads
Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Excel 300KB2471 downloads
Cash Flow Projection Example 90 KB2071 downloads
Cash Flow Planner 5.8 Mb5787 downloads
Cash Flow Statement 3.4 Mb8960 downloads

Financial Calculators

Coronavirus Stimulus Check Calculator 241 KB262 downloads
Financial Ratio Calculator 302 KB5129 downloads
Debt to Income Ratio Calculator 18 KB16167 downloads
Net Present Value Calculator 22 KB1992 downloads
Present Value Calculator 21 KB2436 downloads
Depreciation Calculator 20 KB1990 downloads

Loan and Debt Templates

Extra Payment Calculator 248 KB7023 downloads
Debt Reduction Calculator 27 KB6074 downloads
Balloon Loan Payment Calculator 30 KB3720 downloads
Credit Card Payoff Calculator 1.1 Mb13744 downloads
Loan Amortization Chart 56 KB12407 downloads
Car Loan Calculator 15 KB2349 downloads

Profit and Loss Templates

Profit and Loss Form 240 KB707 downloads
Simple Profit and Loss Statement for the Self-Employed 240 KB1173 downloads
Independent Contractor Profit And Loss Statement 240 KB1089 downloads
Profit and Loss Statement for Small Business 240 KB821 downloads
Monthly Profit and Loss Template 245 KB1022 downloads
Real Estate Profit And Loss Statement 240 KB1388 downloads
Profit and Loss Statement 1.7 Mb4992 downloads

Savings and Retirement Templates

Annuity Calculator 14 KB3123 downloads
Net Worth Calculator 14 KB3022 downloads
Compound Interest Calculator 16 KB2326 downloads
Savings Calculator 16 KB1766 downloads