Excel Business Templates

Our collection of 54 excel templates to manage your business needs: accounting, hr, bookkeeping, business analysis, and more.

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Rental Property Spreadsheet 470 KB1494 downloads
Manufacturing Business Accounting Templates 3 Mb2776 downloads
Retail Business Accounting Templates 2.8 Mb2498 downloads
Service Business Accounting Templates 111 KB5334 downloads
Cost of Goods Sold Calculator 10.7 Mb17632 downloads
Account Payable 54 KB2654 downloads
Account Receivable Excel Template 54 KB2936 downloads
Merchandising Business Accounting 137 KB3928 downloads
Cost of Goods Manufactured Schedule 1.3 Mb2732 downloads
Rental Property Income and Expenses Worksheet 480 KB15570 downloads

Automation Tools

Automate Sending Emails From Excel 225 KB145 downloads
Easy Excel Ribbon 430KB164 downloads

Gantt Charts

Gantt Chart for Project Management 870KB253 downloads
Excel Gantt Chart with Conditional Formatting 240 KB935 downloads
Gantt Chart for Multiple Projects 250 KB1235 downloads
Gantt Chart Milestones 250 KB1151 downloads
Gantt Chart Planner 250 KB1321 downloads
Gantt Schedule Planner 430 KB1127 downloads
House Construction Gantt Chart 260 Kb1244 downloads
Product Development Gantt Chart 270 Kb1438 downloads
Gantt Chart with Budget and Staffing Plan 465 Kb1167 downloads
Simple Gantt Chart 23 KB1797 downloads

Human Resource Templates

Employee Schedule Template 42 KB1079 downloads
Salary Range Calculator 26 KB3015 downloads
Shift Planner with Attendance Tracker 8.1 Mb5200 downloads
Employee Database Excel Template 30.2 Mb13454 downloads
Employee Vacation Planner 2.1 Mb19562 downloads
Employee Attendance Tracker 11.2 Mb54007 downloads
Employee Attendance Calendar 85 KB95475 downloads


Rental Invoice 235KB166 downloads
Excel Invoice Generator 11.5 Mb6284 downloads

Business Forms

Expense Report Form 930 KB1074 downloads
Business Expense Tracker 1.2 MB1323 downloads
Sales Task List and Pipeline Manager 10.3 Mb4192 downloads
Inventory Manager for Trading and Retail Business 1.1 Mb4181 downloads
Inventory and Booking Manager for Rental Business 1.2 Mb5439 downloads
Car Fleet Manager 31.8 Mb15838 downloads
Travel Expenses Report 23 KB1346 downloads
Travel Request Form 24 KB2109 downloads
Mileage Log Template 34 KB14875 downloads
Travel Expenses Daily Tracker 28 KB1218 downloads

Pay Stubs

Pay Stub Template 17 KB42150 downloads
Paystub Excel Template 425 KB1261 downloads


Payment Receipt Excel Template 41 KB5733 downloads


Simple Timesheet Template 640 KB2160 downloads
Employee Timesheet Template 255 KB444 downloads
Employee Time Sheet Manager Excel Template 31.3 Mb34647 downloads