Filip Angeleski

Experienced auditor and business analyst with a strong foundation in financial and cost accounting, IFRS, forecasting, cash flow management, and business analysis.

Goal Chart Template

Big goals can be discouraging; focusing on the end result of a long project can make you feel that the goal is unachievable. Breaking a big goal into bite sizes, however, can help you more easily stay...

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Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Excel

As an investor, it is important to be able to evaluate the worth of current investments and future investment opportunities. The profit that can be materialized as an investor/business owner is not restricted...

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Uneven Cash Flow Calculator

Calculating the present or future value of an investment is easy, as long as that investment generates even cash flows over the period of investment. But uneven or irregular cash flows present a challenge. Cash...

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Cash Flow Projection Example

A cash flow statement is a critical tool for analyzing the current liquidity of any business venture. Cash Flow Projections are even more important as they help you understand not only your current liquidity,...

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