Excel Planning Templates

This is our assortment 80 excel templates to help you with planning your work and private life.

Calendars and planners, schedules and trackers, attendance sheets, to do lists and checklists – we hope you will find the one to fit your needs and to make planning easier!

Our planning templates have been downloaded 645938 times – download with confidence!


2021 Yearly Calendar Template 3.6 MB8335 downloads
Portrait Calendar 250 Kb2599 downloads
Event Calendar Template 840 Kb3193 downloads
2021 Monthly Calendar Template Landscape 250 Kb3393 downloads
Holiday and Observance Calendar 37 KB3273 downloads
Daily Monthly Yearly Calendar Template 160 KB3287 downloads
Calendar Chart 61 KB2785 downloads
2020-2021 Academic Calendar Templates 6.7 MB18331 downloads
Monthly Event Calendar 149 KB6072 downloads
Chinese Calendar 2021 26 KB12453 downloads

Attendance Templates

Weekly Attendance Sheet 14 KB3137 downloads
Training Attendance Sheet 13 KB3653 downloads
Sunday School Attendance Sheet 27 KB3763 downloads
Monthly Attendance Sheet 18 KB5124 downloads
Meeting Attendance Sheet 13 KB3104 downloads
Homeschool Attendance Sheet 16 KB3221 downloads
Girl Scout Attendance Sheet 16 KB2777 downloads
Employee Attendance Sheet 18 KB3397 downloads
Daycare Attendance Sheet 35KB3042 downloads
Class Attendance Sheet 19KB3304 downloads


Fundraising Goal Tracker 250 KB1335 downloads
Daily Goal Planner 245 KB1698 downloads
Goal Chart Template 450 KB1444 downloads
Goal Sheet Template 240 KB1557 downloads
Hourly Daily Planner With To Do List 93 KB3442 downloads
Travel Planner Template 199 KB8165 downloads
Monthly Planner 154 KB2937 downloads
Weekly Planner 82 KB3719 downloads
Daily Planner 77 KB2760 downloads

Reservation and Booking

Inventory and Booking Manager for Rental Business 1.2 Mb7569 downloads
Booking and Reservation Calendar 5.1 Mb59772 downloads
Car Rental Reservations 44 KB5390 downloads


Hourly Schedule Template 250 KB2076 downloads
Training Schedule Template 235 KB1629 downloads
Project Schedule Template 270 KB45838 downloads
Shooting Schedule 420 KB1648 downloads
Cleaning Schedule Template 22 KB1536 downloads
Workout Schedule Template 20 KB1250 downloads
College Schedule Template 26 KB1849 downloads
Construction Schedule Template 51 KB2679 downloads
Event Schedule Excel Template 16 KB1795 downloads
Homeschool Weekly Schedule Template 14 KB1824 downloads

To Dos

Daily To Do List Planner With Holidays 21 KB1657 downloads
Daily To Do List Template 22 KB1849 downloads
Family To Do List Weekly Template 43 KB1615 downloads
Homework To Do List Template 18 KB1938 downloads
Kids To Do List Template 87 KB2949 downloads
Prioritized To Do List Template 31 KB2257 downloads
Weekly To Do List Template 36 KB1957 downloads
New Year Resolution Tracker 27 KB9564 downloads
Team To Do List Template with Progress Bar 67 KB8727 downloads
Things To Do List Template 29 KB10783 downloads