Jovenry Balangue

I am a spreadsheet expert with over 8 years of professional experience in Excel spreadsheet development, data analytics and reporting. I provides spreadsheet solutions to business clients across the globe.

Business Expense Tracker

Business expense tracking is a necessary evil. It’s vital to the success of any small business and, if done wrong, could cost a lot of time and money. Many small business owners do not take the time...

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Daily Expense Sheet

According to a yearly Planning and Progress Study by Northwestern Mutual, in 2018 “the average personal debt (exclusive of home mortgages and among those with some debt) climbed higher this year, exceeding...

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Simple Cash Flow Statement for Small Business

Traditional financial statements – with categories of assets, liabilities, and profits and losses – are essential sources of information for small business owners. However, understanding the business’s...

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Expense Report Form

Most of us have had the experience of going on a business trip, dutifully saving all of our receipts - meals, gas, dinners with clients, dry cleaning, and entertainment - for later reimbursement. But then...

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Expense Tracker

Do you find yourself wondering where all the money goes? In the world today, spending money is as easy as opening your browser (yes, the one on your phone… that’s always with you). Run a search and...

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Cash Flow Diagram Generator

Every business owner understands the importance of tracking business expenses, income, and net cash flow. But many may not realize the value of seeing those financial results in graphical form. Our Cash...

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