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Ever feel that you have too much to do, and not enough time to do it? Have you set personal goals, and then watched time pass, with your milestones unmet? A good daily planner can help. Time management, mental and physical health, focus and committedness, are just a few of the many things a good daily planner can improve.

To help set you up for success, we offer a multi-use, daily planner template, equipped with calendars, to-do lists, event reminders, quotes, appointment schedules, and more!

Template Contents

Below is a list of our worksheets included in this template.


If your daily planner were a newspaper, this is the “front page.” All data from other worksheets in this template is transferred to, and displayed, in this worksheet. This creates a one-page summary of what your day looks like. This worksheet includes:

  • a calendar,
  • to-do list,
  • appointment schedule,
  • quote of the day,
  • event reminder,
  • priority list,
  • and a space for notes.


A list of quotes for each day of the year. A new quote of the day will appear on the “Planner” worksheet each day.


This worksheet is the “control center” of the Excel file. The “Setup” worksheet drives much of the information that appears on the “Planner” worksheet. For example, here you can set which times, holidays, and special events appear on the daily planner.

Using the Template

Planner Worksheet

Date and Title

Your first “to-do” task might be to add your own title to your new planner. The Planner worksheet will have a standard title, “VISIT THE SPREADSHEET PAGE FOR MORE TEMPLATES AND UPDATES.” Click into the cell that contains the old, standard title, and then type in your new title.

Hourly Daily Planner title

Note: The standard title is also a hyperlink. To remove the link, right-click on the title and select “Remove hyperlink.”

Enter today’s date. Once the date is entered, any events listed for that date in the “Setup” tab will appear at the top, under “Today’s Event.” For each new date, a daily dose of inspiration will appear as a new quote at the top-right corner of the planner. Now you have everything you need for a fantastic day!


You’ll never miss another important date with our built-in monthly calendar, located on the left side, under today’s date. Dates highlighted in red represent holidays. In the example above, “New Year’s Day” and “Martin Luther King Jr. Day” are shown in red. Dates highlighted in blue represent personal events (e.g. Mom’s Birthday).

That’s it for automated features in the Planner worksheet. Now you can either print your daily planner and pencil in your appointments, or continue to manage your day in Excel by typing in your information.


You can use the daily planner to build a Priority Task List. This is much like the to-do list you may in the past have scratched onto the back of a used envelope. The difference is that, with our template, not only are your tasks automatically inserted into your planner, but you can also label them according to their priority.

You can manage your list by setting priorities in alphabetical order.

Hourly Daily Planner Priority Task List

Further down the page, under the priority list, is a section for another to-do list, with checkboxes. This section is left untitled - label this section however you’d like.

Hourly Daily Planner empty list

The main body of your daily planner worksheet is the daily schedule, with notes. If you are super-busy and detail oriented, you can plan out your day in 15 minute intervals. If you prefer a bit less structure, you can set your planner to only display specific time slots, and you can choose not to show 15 minute intervals (more on that in the “Setup” worksheet section).

Example. Morning hours.

Hourly Daily Planner Morning hours

Completed Tasks

To mark items as “complete” on your schedule and to-do lists, you can either use the checkboxes provided in some sections or use the “strikethrough” option to cross the items off.

To cross off a completed or canceled task, right-click on the cell containing the task, select “Format Cell” from the pop up list, and check the “strikethrough” box under “Effects.”

Hourly Daily Planner complete task

Setup Worksheet

Time Style

As mentioned, the Setup worksheet drives most of the automated features on the Planner worksheet. For example, “Time Style” is both a cosmetic and frequency choice - you can elect to either show minutes or not to show minutes.

Example. “Time Style” options in the Setup worksheet.

Hourly Daily Planner Time Style

Example. “Time Style” selection: “Show minutes”. Appointment Schedule view on Planner worksheet.

Hourly Daily Planner Show minutes

Example. “Time Style” selection: “Don’t show minutes.” Appointment Schedule view on Planner worksheet.

Hourly Daily Planner Do not show minutes

Depending on how rigorous your daily schedule is, “Time Style” is a good way to structure your daily planner. Use “Don’t show minutes” option for a less detailed, more abstract schedule.

Setting Times

To set which times appear on your daily planner, enter “v” next to each time interval you expect to utilize on the Planner worksheet. For example, if you want to get some extra sleep and start planning at 8:00am, leave the 7 o’clock hour blank.

Hourly Daily Planner Setting Times

Example. Planner worksheet - 8am start to the day.

Hourly Daily Planner 8am start

Note: Any 12.5 hours (out of 24 total hours in the Setup worksheet) can be set to appear on the Planner worksheet.

Holidays and Events

The Setup worksheet contains a list of holidays and events, which show up on the calendar on the daily planner. You have the option to build on these lists by entering up to 20 holidays and 20 events each year. Any newly added holidays and events will automatically become part of the calendar on the Planner worksheet, where applicable.

Example. Highlighted rows represent recently added holidays and events.

Hourly Daily Planner holidays and events

Example. New holiday and events displayed on calendar in the Planner worksheet.

Hourly Daily Planner holiday in calendar

Quotes Worksheet

In the Setup worksheet, there is an inspirational quote for each day of the year. But the quotes repeat every 8 days. A quote will appear on the Planner worksheet for each corresponding date.

Hourly Daily Planner quotes

If you’ve already received wisdom from these 8 quotes - try adding some new ones! There are thousands of famous quotes. To add new quotes - click into a cell containing an old quote and type or paste in your new quote.

Example. New quote added on January 10, 2019 by overwriting original cell contents.

Hourly Daily Planner add quotes

Example. Here’s how it appears on the Planner worksheet.

Hourly Daily Planner quote in planner

Historical Records

What happened yesterday? You can retain yesterday’s planner in the same file (and start to build historical records of previous planners). To save a previous daily planner, right-click on the Planner worksheet and select “Move or Copy” from the pop up menu. Next, select “Create a copy” and click “OK.”

Hourly Daily Planner new planner

Now, rename the worksheet tab with the appropriate date.

Finally, overwrite any formulas by copying (Ctrl + C) and Pasting (Ctrl + V) the entire worksheet as values. To do this, click into the triangle at the top left corner of the spreadsheet to highlight the entire worksheet. Then, copy (Ctrl + C) and paste as “values.”

Hourly Daily Planner overwrite formulas

paste values

Note: This step is important because if you leave the formulas active in an old schedule, any future changes made to the other worksheets (e.g. Setup) will result in changes being made to your old schedules as well. And if you did that, you’d risk tearing a hole in the space-time continuum… or… wait. That’s probably just an overused plot device in sci-fi soap operas. But still, probably you’re saving these templates because you want to preserve the record of what happened. So, be sure not to skip this step!


Change Color Scheme

Feeling blue one day and rosey the next? Decorate your daily planner to fit the mood. If you’d like to change background color, highlight all relevant cells and use the “Fill Color” tool to select a color. To change text color, repeat these steps and use the “Font Color” tool.

Example. A rosey planner color scheme.

Hourly Daily Planner rose color scheme

Example. A blue-gray planner color scheme.

Hourly Daily Planner blue color scheme

To view a how-to example, please see this video:

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