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With the raise of gadget popularity like blackberry, iphone, or pda-phone with windows mobile operating system, planning your daily task is easier. You don't have to bring a planner book to plan and see your schedule since all the gadget already equipped with alarm that will remind you when your schedule is due.

But, there are some people that are not comfortable with the gadget and still rely on daily planner book to set up their schedule. There are several reasons why they still need that planner. One of the reason because they need that as their log book where they can take a look when they need some information regarding past tasks.

There are plenty of planners available in internet, made as pdf or doc files. And they position those planner as printable daily planner sheet that can be printed as replacement of old planner sheets. And many of them are good planners. One site that I can recommend is DIYPlanner site.

Daily Planner

I made daily planner in excel with consideration that I want to do some automatic adjustment in the worksheet where it needs some formula to do it. The reason is, some people needs their own working time that probably cannot be fulfilled with standard daily planner. So, using this planner, you or people who need a planner can adjust the working time to suit their needs. For example, employee who working in shift, or employee who working at night might need a planner that have start time from 9 o'clock at night.

This daily planner consist of 3 worksheets, as follows :

Setup Worksheet
The first worksheet is a setup worksheet where you can set your planner time here.

  • Time style : You can set whether you want to show the minutes or not in the planner. If you need a planner that only have hour, set the time style with "Don't show minutes".
  • Appointment schedule : This is the area where you can set your time planner. Just check (type "v") in the column next to hour and minutes to show them in the planner. If you uncheck them, the hour or minutes will disappear from your planner. You can change the hour time also, I set the default with 7 o'clock, but you can change to your desired start time. Don't forget to change the hour below. There are maximum rows as your reference for the maximum rows that can be shown in the planner, where the remain rows cell will give you information regarding your remaining available rows to be checked.
  • Holiday column : This is column where you can put your holiday or additional holiday instead of the default one. The name of holiday will appear in the planner when the planner is set with that holiday date.
  • Event column : This is the column where you can put your special event for one year period to be shown in the planner when the date is the same.

Daily Planner Setup

Daily Words worksheet
This is the worksheet for daily words pool. If you have some inspired words or famous people quotes that you want to be shown in planner, you can put it in here. It can be 365 different or same words. It's all up to you.

Daily Words

Planner worksheet
The third worksheet is a planner worksheet, as seen in the first picture, where you can see your planner layout and prepare it to be printed, or you can just fill it in here. First, you have to fill the date in the column at the left corner before you print or fill it. If you need a daily planner for several days, you can copy the worksheet from the tab menu and put the different date in the date cell.

That's all guys. You can download the file here.

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