Printable Lined Paper

Our 8 free lined paper templates are time-tested by thousands of people from all over the world: 42934 downloads, and counting!

Lined paper (or ruled paper) is simply writing paper printed with lines that you can use for drawing, writing, musical notation, and more.

In the USA, the most common formats are narrow, medium, wide, gregg, pitman, manuscript, and legal. We have all these formats for you to download. You can also use our line graph maker to create your own printable paper.

Narrow Ruled Paper Template

What’s so cool about narrow ruled lined paper? This type of lined paper allows the writer to fit more words on a single page because, at just .25 inches between lines, the horizontal lines are spaced...

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Lined Paper Template with Notebook Title

Lined paper - an invention from the past. Computerized word processors are ubiquitous today, and for some there is something joyful and nostalgic about writing on lined paper. Moreover, for people still...

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Notebook Paper Template

As laptops get smaller and lighter, you might be wondering if anyone still uses notebooks to take notes. Laptops might seem like a no brainer, but studies show that students who take notes by hand often...

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Pitman Ruled Paper Template

Similar to Gregg ruled paper, Pitman ruled paper is a type of lined paper used for stenography. Stenography is the process of writing in shorthand, which is basically a super-speedy way of taking notes...

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Wide Ruled Paper Template

As the name implies, wide ruled lined paper has wider spacing between lines than other types of lined paper, such as college ruled or narrow ruled paper. Wide ruled paper is most commonly used by grade...

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Line Graph Maker

The Graph Paper Generator template provides regular cartesian graph paper, with an automated feature that allows you to instantly choose graph paper scale between 1 and 10 grid lines per inch. Template...

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College Ruled Paper Template

Much of the work done on paper just two decades ago is today done on computers, tablets, or even phones. Nevertheless, there is still a need for ruled paper. In many classrooms, and even on some campuses,...

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Gregg Ruled Paper Template

You may be wondering, “Who is Gregg, and why is there a paper named after him?” Well, John Robert Gregg was the inventor of a shorthand writing system, which is now known as the Gregg Shorthand system....

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