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The Graph Paper Generator template provides regular cartesian graph paper, with an automated feature that allows you to instantly choose graph paper scale between 1 and 10 grid lines per inch.

Template Contents

.1 Inch Portrait

Cartesian graph paper with automated option, allowing you to choose scale between .1” and 1” grid in portrait orientation.

.1 Inch Landscape

Cartesian graph paper with automated option, allowing you to choose scale between .1” and 1” grid in landscape orientation.

Using The Template

Grid Scale Selection

Pick a number between 1 and 10. If that sounds like the beginning of a magic trick - it is! Excel does its magic when you enter a number between 1 and 10, which represents the number of grid lines per inch.

For example, the template is configured to display 10 grid line per inch. If you’d like to work on graph paper with 5 lines per inch, enter “5” into the section labeled “No of Lines per Inch”.

Line Graph Maker Scale

Personalize and Print

Add a personal touch! Each worksheet has a built-in header. Use the header to include information, such as name, title, and location.

Line Graph Maker Personalize

If you prefer to draw by hand, just hit print - each tab is configured to print in its appropriate orientation type.

Before you print, you can “white out” any unnecessary information, such as the line generator prompt by highlighting the area containing the prompt and then selecting “No Fill” under the “Fill Color” tool. Lastly, under the same menu select white as the “Font Color” to make the wording disappear.

Line Graph Maker Colors

Note: deleting the prompt will also delete the entire graph paper.

Maybe Not for Working in Excel

Our cartesian graph paper templates are great for creating charts and drawings in Excel. However, the purpose of the Graph Paper Generator template is to instantly generate graph paper at 10 different scales. This template is most useful for quickly creating graph paper at the scale you need, printing it, and working with it by hand.

It is less suited for work in Excel because whether you choose to create a .5 inch or .8 inch scale grid, each cell in Excel will remain at 0.1 inch scale (example below), while the grid scale changes - visually. Therefore, drawing and labeling in Excel becomes problematic due to the condensed cells.

Line Graph Maker Condensed


Add Some Color

You may choose to jazz up your graph paper background with some color, before printing! To modify graph paper background, select the area and use the “Fill Color” option, under the “Home” menu to charge the color of the grid. However, grid lines cannot be altered with Line Style and Line Color due to the structure of the cells in this template.

Note: Stay within the grid area when filling in with color. If you decide to color in the entire page - previously hidden values, used to create formulas in this template, will appear.

Example. Filling with color inside grid.

Line Graph Maker Grid Color

Example. Filling with color outside of grid.

Line Graph Maker Background Color

We hope this article was helpful.

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