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Lined paper - an invention from the past. Computerized word processors are ubiquitous today, and for some there is something joyful and nostalgic about writing on lined paper. Moreover, for people still in school, some professors and even campuses don’t allow notes to be taken, or homework to be done, on computers.

And lined paper is still the perfect tool for quick note-taking, sketching, and expressing ideas in words, numbers, and drawings, all in one space. We offer lined paper printable templates in US Letter, A5 and A4 paper size with .25” spacing between horizontal lines to allow more words per page.

Template Contents

Below is a list of worksheets included in this printable lined writing paper template.

US Letter

US Letter size paper (8.5” x 11.0”) with evenly spaced, blue horizontal lines, and fields for title and date at the top of the page.

US Letter BW

US Letter size paper (8.5” x 11.0”) with evenly spaced, black horizontal lines, and fields for title and date at the top of the page.


A5 size paper (5.8” x 8.3”) with evenly spaced, blue horizontal lines, and fields for title and date at the top of the page.


A5 size paper (5.8” x 8.3”) with evenly spaced, black horizontal lines, and fields for title and date at the top of the page.


A4 size paper (8.3” x 11.7”) with evenly spaced, blue horizontal lines, and fields for title and date at the top of the page.


A4 size paper (8.3” x 11.7”) with evenly spaced, black horizontal lines, and fields for title and date at the top of the page.

Lined Paper History

It is difficult to say when lined paper was invented, or by whom. Some sources say that an English man by the name of John Tetlow first patented a paper ruling machine (for music and other purposes). The machine was patented in 1770 so it is possible that lined paper was invented around that time period. By the early 1800s, lined paper had gained popularity. Lined paper spacing variations followed soon after, in order to suit specific purposes.

Using Lined Paper

Choose a Paper Size

First, choose the paper size that meets your needs. US letter is the standard paper size in the United States. A4 is the most commonly used typing paper size in Europe, and it is accepted by most countries as the standard paper size. A5 and A4 paper sizes are part of an international standard range of paper sizes called the ISO 216, where the scaling of paper sizes is based on an aspect ratio of the square root of 2. The scaling advantages of this system can be used to create brochures and other types of packaging. For example, an A4 paper size can be folded into an A5 document, an A5 paper size can be folded into an A6 document, and so on.

General Use

Use the space at the top of the page to add a date and title, by typing in the information or writing it by hand, after printing out the lined paper.

Tip: To save time on formatting, print out this lined paper template and write the date and title by hand. If the title is too long it will become truncated in Excel, as shown below.

Lined Paper Truncated Title

You can also create multiple pages, number them, and print them out to create a notebook or notepad.

Lined Paper Multiple Page 1 Lined Paper Multiple Page 2

You may prefer to punch holes in the paper and put the pages into a binder. Alternatively, you can clip the pages to a clipboard, especially if you plan to dispose of the pages after using them.

See this tutorial on how to create copies of worksheets:

The .25 inch spacing between lines falls into the “narrow ruled” category. This type of ruled paper is ideal for those with smaller handwriting or anyone wishing to maximize each piece of paper by cramming in as many words as possible. Aside from note-taking, lined paper can be used in an infinite number of ways! Ideas include conceptual drawings, games like tic tac toe, working out mathematical equations, brainstorming, or plotting a graph.

Lined Paper Notebooks vs Other

There are many different types of notebooks - ruled paper, blank paper, graph paper, steno-pads, dot paper, and others. This spreadsheet can be easily used as a notebook paper template to create a printable lined notebook. The lack of a left margin may give this notepad an informal fell. No need to indent your writing; this type of lined paper notepad is ideal as handwriting paper, lined paper for kids, ruled notebook, or simply for keeping a to-do list or just about anything!

Unlike ruled paper notepads, there are other types of notepads with specific uses. For example, steno-pads are used by stenographers to write in shorthand - a system in which speech is recorded on paper at top speed, with the use of phonetic symbols. A steno-pad has a margin line in the center of the page, causing the scribe to move her hand quickly from one side of the paper to the middle and back. Steno-pads are designed this way because it would take less time to move your hand half-way across the page, rather than from one end of the page to the other.


Change Paper Size

The lined paper worksheets offered in this template are formatted in A4 and A5 paper sizes. However, you can easily change the paper size to a different document size, such as A6.

Page Setup Paper Size

Tip: See this tutorial on how to change paper size:

Note: If you switch over to a different document size, some adjustment may be required. For example, you may need to redefine the print area or copy over line formatting for larger paper sizes.

Change Color Scheme

Tired of the traditional white background and blue lines? No problem. Background color, line color, and line style can be modified with ease. For example, turn your lined paper into a retro “yellow notepad” paper before you print, as shown below.

Lined Paper Yellow Notepad

Listed here are some quick tutorials on how to make changes to color and style.

Change Background Color

Change Line Style and Color

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