Gantt Chart Templates

Manage complex projects simply with our free Gantt charts. A Gantt chart is an excellent planning tool that can help you keep your project running smoothly.

Stay on top of deadlines, visualize the project plan and major milestones, communicate changes to the relevant people with ease, and track budgets!

We have created 13 Gantt Chart examples to help you build a Gantt chart.

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A Gantt chart template for Excel is one of the best tools a project manager can have in their collection.

Fill in your work breakdown structure with tasks and task dependencies. Along with start and end dates, you have complete task management. Or, you can enter the small amounts of data you might have at the start of a project and then add tasks, dependencies, and dates as you go. Effortlessly see your project’s progress and timeline in the built-in chart view for the critical path method.

Our Gantt chart examples are fully editable. Using our templates, you can create Gantt charts in Microsoft Excel, Mac Numbers, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets.

Creating a Gantt Chart, planning, estimating, tracking, and visualizing your project has never been easier! No need for Gantt chart software, nothing to install or download. Select free Gantt chart template from our list below and create a Gantt chart in minutes.

Free Gantt Chart

This free Gantt chart gives you holiday lists and leaves dates, making it ideal for teams. Use alerts for dependencies and view parallel tasks easily.

File Size: 4.0 Mb Downloads: 10516 Rating: 5

Gantt Chart for Multiple Projects

View, plan, and manage multiple projects in a single Gantt chart tool. Add projects, milestones, resources, and dates to quickly view workdays on your timeline.

File Size: 250 KB Downloads: 6680 Rating: 4.2

Gantt Chart for Project Management

Track multiple projects, milestones, and resources while showing or hiding exactly what you need on your project timeline with this Gantt chart template.

File Size: 870KB Downloads: 4403 Rating: 5

House Construction Gantt Chart

For your house construction project, track tasks with reference numbers, progress, and workday calculations and view progress easily with this free Gantt creator.

File Size: 260 Kb Downloads: 10984 Rating: 5

Excel Gantt Chart with Conditional Formatting

View a color-coded status with the conditional formatting built into this Gantt chart template. You can see if you’re on schedule or behind at a glance.

File Size: 240 KB Downloads: 5176 Rating: 4.4

Simple Gantt Chart

Simple Gantt chart template to add tasks with start and end dates to see the number of workdays for activities. Pop in the progress for each task and then see the schedule on the Gantt diagram.

File Size: 23 KB Downloads: 4568 Rating: 4.3

Simple Gantt Chart Maker

Enter project tasks, start and end dates, and completions to see your project timeline. This simple Gantt chart gives a clear picture of what’s complete and what’s not.

File Size: 34 KB Downloads: 4053 Rating: 5

Team Gantt Chart

Monitor tasks, resources, and percent done for your group project with this Gantt chart template. Track multiple team projects and activities with ease.

File Size: 25 Kb Downloads: 6042 Rating: 5

Product Development Gantt Chart

Create a Gantt chart to manage your product development project through each phase and task. Track your budget, workdays, and progress with this Gantt chart creator.

File Size: 270 Kb Downloads: 6247 Rating: 4.7

Gantt Chart Milestones

Focus on your project milestones and resources with this Gantt chart template. See the number of workdays by week for simple scheduling.

File Size: 250 KB Downloads: 3870 Rating: 4.9

Gantt Chart Planner

With progress indicators and status colors, creating Gantt charts is easy. Manage projects and subprojects, see your timeline Gantt by week with or without completions.

File Size: 250 KB Downloads: 4370 Rating: 4.9

Gantt Chart with Budget and Staffing Plan

File Size: 465 Kb Downloads: 4079 Rating: 5

Gantt Schedule Planner

Simple Gantt chart maker to track tasks and resources with progress indicators and easy-to-read updates with status colors.

File Size: 430 KB Downloads: 3734 Rating: 4.7

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