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Perhaps the most important stage in managing a construction project is planning. And part of any project-planning process includes accounting for and gathering the tools and supplies you’ll need for the job.

A Gantt chart is a powerful planning tool because it allows you to schedule your activities, and then track those activities from beginning to end. In the early planning stages, you can account for – for example – all the supplies that will need at each stage of the project. And as your project develops, you’ll know what needs to be bought, and when. You’ll be able to track which parts of the project have gone over budget, and where you might be able to save. And you’ll know which aspects of the project are on time and which might have fallen to some common delays.

This House Construction Gantt Chart template gives you everything you need, with built-in formulas and formatting, to ease the duty of keeping track of your construction project.

Add tasks and task dependencies, enter start and end dates, and pop in the progress for every task. You’ll watch the chart automatically adjust, giving you the clearest view of your construction timeline from start to finish.

Create Your Gantt Chart

If you’re familiar with Gantt charts, then you won’t be surprised to see the template has two sections. The work breakdown structure section is on the left and the chart view is on the right. These two areas work hand-in-hand throughout the life of your project.

Simply follow the steps below to create your own house construction Gantt chart.

Project Information

As you enter the project basics and work breakdown structure details, the chart view will populate automatically. So, start by entering your project details.

Project Basics

The basics for this template include the House Construction Project Name, Company Name and Logo (optional), and the Construction Lead (or General Contractor). These fields are above the work breakdown section on the left of the template. Click each line to enter these pieces of information.

House Construction Gantt Chart Basics

Start Date

Insert the start date for the project in the Start Date field in any format you’re comfortable with. The template will reformat it for you. Once you populate this field, you’ll see the Gantt chart view automatically update for the months, dates, and days.

House Construction Gantt Chart Start Date

Choose Project Week

The Choose Project Week field is one that you will adjust through the various phases of the project. You can enter the number 1 here to begin with week one. Then change this number for weeks two, three, and so on, as your project progresses. You’ll see the chart view automatically change to start with that week.

House Construction Gantt Chart Week

Work Breakdown Structure

Once you finish entering the basic project details, you’ll continue your plan by adding the information in the work breakdown structure section directly below them.

The Gantt chart template includes examples for the phases of your project to help you get started. You’ll see tasks that begin with determining a location and end with the final punch-out. You can use these task samples or replace them as needed for your home construction project.

Project Tasks

To help with planning your project phases, each task is numbered using the No column to the left of the activities. If your breakdown structure uses specific reference numbers or letters, you can use those instead.

House Construction Gantt Chart Tasks

List each task for the project in the Tasks column. While there are no subtasks formatted in the template, if you’d like to add a subtask, you can do this easily.

Select the task cell you want to turn into a subtask and click the Increase Indent button on the Home tab of the Excel ribbon.

House Construction Gantt Chart Subtask

If you need to add more tasks for your construction scheduling, this is also simple.

  1. Select a task row by clicking the number on the left side of the Excel sheet.
  2. Right-click the row and select Copy.
  3. With the row still selected, right-click the row and select Insert Copied Cells. This should place your new row directly above the one you copied.

House Construction Gantt Chart Add Tasks

Start and End Dates

Next, enter the start and end dates for the tasks if you have them from each contractor.

Just like the Start Date field, you can use whichever format you like and the template will automatically adjust it. For instance, entering 6/1/19 will display in the template the same as entering June 1, 2019.

House Construction Gantt Chart End Date

Days Column

Do not enter any data in the Days column. The fields in the Days column will calculate and populate automatically as you enter the start and end dates for each task.

Progress Column

Now you can move on to the Progress column, where a progress bar allows you to view milestones at a glance and quickly see when a task is 100% complete.

As the project progresses and you get updates for the construction schedule from a contractor, place a number in the corresponding Progress field for each task. You can simply add a number because the column is formatted for percentage. As you enter the progress for each task, the Gantt chart will update automatically.

House Construction Gantt Chart Progress

The Chart View

Your construction timeline appears in the Gantt chart view on the right. With the details you enter for the start dates, end dates, and task progress, you get a clear picture of your project’s progress.

The light blue boxes cover the number of days that a Task is scheduled to start and end.

The dark blue boxes appear in place of the light blue boxes to indicate the progress percentage.

For instance, let’s take a task that is scheduled to start on August 8 and end on August 11 and is 50% complete. You would see light blue boxes across four days and two dark blue boxes covering two of those days. This is a fast and simple way to see that the task is half finished.

House Construction Gantt Chart View

This nice Gantt chart view gives you a clean way to see your project timeline, tasks, schedule, and dates. Having this overall picture gives you a crisp view your project’s progress throughout its lifecycle.

Online Construction Management Software

You can think of our handy, accessible, and completely free Gantt chart template as one more screwdriver in your toolbox that can help with scheduling, milestones, dependencies, and deadlines at a glance. But what if this template does not provide all the functionalities you need?

Consider using a specific construction scheduling software.

For instance, online house building and construction applications like Procore, Buildertrend, and Projectmates have wonderful management tools, though they might cost more than you want to spend, or be more complex than you need.

Your Project is Covered from Floor to Roof

Being able to work on your construction schedule and timeline with an easy-to-use management tool is essential for getting the job planned successfully. This House Construction Gantt Chart template helps you plan effectively and keep an eye on the critical path of your project until its completion date. And you can see exactly how long it will take to build that new home, all in one place.

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