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Managing a team project comes with many challenges. The most successful team managers are able to navigate the murky social waters between their team members, bridging gaps created by differences in background, income, subculture, and many other nebulous factors. At the same time, they know their own organization well enough to gather the resources they need. And after all of that, they are also able to make a plan, and see that plan followed through.

Needless to say, leading a team can be much more challenging than completing a project on your own.

We may not be able to help you mold a cohesive team from your disparate members - only time and wisdom can do that! But with our Team Gantt Chart Template, we have created a project management tool to help you create pans, and see them followed through on time and without wasting resources.

You can enter your work breakdown structure with ease, see if you’re on schedule with the automated calculations, and get quick glimpses at your team’s and project’s timeline with color-coding.

With these features and more, this great tool will not only make it easy to get your project started right, but will also help you keep it moving in the right direction throughout the life of your project.

Project Planning Software

In recent years, Gantt chart software available online has been gaining popularity. They offer robust features such as dashboards, collaborative editing, automated workflows, breakdown structure, workload management, reports, timeline views, expense tracking, and invoices. They often integrate with other software and apps.

However, online project management apps also come with a downside - they can be expensive. Microsoft Project starts at $7 per user per month. TeamGantt is $49 for a small team of up to 5 users. Trello is $9.99 per user per month. And while TeamGantt and Trello both have free plans, they only allow a limited number of features or a limited number of projects.

The good news is that, if you already own Microsoft Excel, we have created a Gantt chart that offers all of the most important project planning features. Our template will save you the time of creating your own project-planning flow chart, or the expense of subscribing to an online task-management app.

Our template works for various project management styles and methods, including Waterfall and Agile. It helps you assign tasks to team members easily, lets you customize color-coding as you like, and enables you to view your project’s progress with minimal effort.

Creating a Gantt Chart

Enter Your Project Basics

When you are ready to create your Gantt chart with this template, entering the basic project details is the best place to start. This includes the Project Name, Company Name and Logo, Project Lead, and Project Start Date.

The area for these fields is on the top left of the template. Click each cell or line and enter these pieces of information. You’ll notice that as soon as you enter the Project Start Date, the Gantt chart view will populate with the corresponding week, dates, and days.

Team Gantt Chart Project Basics

Display Week

You’ll also see the Display Week in the bottom right corner of this area. This is a flexible field that you can use to adjust the view of your project timeline on the Gantt chart as you’re working through the project. You can enter the number 1 here to begin with week one. Then simply change this number for weeks two, three, and so on, throughout the life of your project to view the current week on the chart.

Team Gantt Chart Display Week

Enter Your Project Teams and Leads

Directly below the project basics area, you can next enter your teams and team leads for the project. Each team is color-coded (blue, purple, green, and orange) which makes it easier to distinguish between them on both the work breakdown structure section and the chart itself.

This is also ideal for project collaboration, stakeholder updates, and if you’re using a project facilitator so that those reviewing your Gantt chart have a clear and comprehensive view of the project timeline.

Team Gantt Chart Teams and Leads

Populating these fields from the beginning makes it simpler to add any tasks, dates, and assignments that come up later. As experienced project managers know, it’s unusual to have all of the details at the beginning of a project.

If you need to add more teams, you can copy and paste a current section.

  1. Select a team section including the color-coded row and task rows beneath it.
  2. Right-click and select Copy.
  3. Go to the bottom of the work breakdown section to the blank area and select a cell in column A.
  4. Right-click and select Paste.

Team Gantt Chart Teams Copy Paste

This action will copy and paste the formulas and conditional formatting built into the template. You can adjust this formatting to a different color for the additional team if you prefer. Plus, if you want to customize your chart with other colors – for instance, your company colors – you can change this in the conditional formatting.

For help with conditional formatting, you can use the Microsoft Excel help section or visit the Microsoft Office support site.

Enter the Tasks, Dates, and Percentage Completion

If you happen to have all of your tasks, subtasks, dates, and assignments ready, you can move right into entering that data in the appropriate cells.

Enter the Tasks and Team Members

You’ll see that each team’s section is broken down for subtasks, and each subtask can be assigned to a different team member. Go ahead and enter those tasks and team members’ names. And if you need more rows, you can add them easily as needed.

To add another task row, follow these steps:

  1. Select a task row at the bottom of the team section by clicking the number on the left side of the Excel sheet.
  2. Right-click the row and select Copy.
  3. With the row still selected, right-click the row and select Insert Copied Cells. This should place your new row directly above the one you copied.

Be sure when copying and pasting task rows that you insert above and not below to ensure the built-in template formulas remain intact.

Team Gantt Chart Insert Row

Enter the Start and End Dates

If you have the start and end dates for the tasks as well, enter those as you move through the work breakdown structure section of the template. Note that the start and end dates in the color-coded team row will adjust automatically as you enter those dates for the tasks.

You can type different formats as you enter the dates that will be recognized by the template and will populate correctly. For example, typing 6/1/19 will display in the template the same as typing June 1, 2019.

Team Gantt Chart Dates

Do not enter any data in the Days column. The fields in the Days column will calculate and populate automatically as you enter the start and end dates for each task.

Enter the Percentage Completion

As your project progresses and tasks are being processed, you can use the % Done column. The column is formatted for percentage, so just enter a number.

The % Done field in the color-coded row for each team will calculate automatically as you enter the % Done for each task. In addition, the Gantt chart view will adjust as you enter those percentages in the % Done column. This is a wonderful way to see your project’s progress quickly and at a glance.

Team Gantt Chart Percentage Completion

Manage Your Projects and Teams with Ease

From the initial planning phase to monitoring and following-up, and finally to the project’s closure, taking on a team project is easier when you have the right project management tool. And our customizable Team Gantt Chart Template is ideal. It has the flexible features you’ll need to distribute the workload and stay on time.

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