Saving Templates

Our free saving templates are designed to help you with savings and retirements. We have 4 spreadsheets designed by experienced professionals with unique knowledge in finances and retirement.

Calculators and cost estimators, compound interest and net worth, savings and retirements – we hope we have something to help you with your saving goals!

Every single spreadsheet was made with Microsoft Excel. Want to use it with Mac Numbers, OpenOffice, or Google Spreadsheets? No problem! Our templates are designed with compatibility in mind, and should be find using other software of your choice.

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Annuity Calculator

This is an annuity calculator to calculate the growth of your annuities. In finance theory, the term annuity is defined as a series of fixed payment at regular intervals. Regular deposits to a savings...

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Compound Interest Calculator

If you are not a finance people or don't know much about finance but want to know how the banks calculate your savings or loans amounts, you should understand compound interest first. Compound interest...

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Net Worth Calculator

In this article, I would like to share my own Net Worth Calculator for Excel. Net worth is used to measure people or company's wealth. It is calculated by subtracting someone's or company's assets from...

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Savings Calculator

This is a savings calculator in excel you can use if you want to know how much your savings will grow after one year or ten years or event 30 years from now. With this spreadsheet, you can simulate several...

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