Profit and Loss Templates

Use these 7 free profit and loss templates to track income and expenses, to create projections, and to estimate how your business will perform.

Our free spreadsheets include P&L statements (also known as “Income Statements”), breakeven analyses, income and balance statements, and other financial documents.

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Profit and Loss Statement

This profit and loss statement template is a ready made template that people can use to prepare their company's financial report. The profit and loss statement is defined as the financial statement included...

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Profit and Loss Statement for Small Business

Every small business owner wants to be successful. And it’s no secret that one key to success is having an intimate knowledge of the business’s finances – but not every small business owner has an...

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Monthly Profit and Loss Template

Profit and loss (P&L) statements (aka, income statements) provide an overview of the revenues and expenses your business incurs over a certain period. Monthly profit and loss statements provide better...

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Real Estate Profit And Loss Statement

As a business owner, you must always know how your business is performing financially. When updated regularly, profit and loss statements provide critical information about the financial health of your...

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Profit and Loss Form

Tracking your company’s income and expenses on a profit and loss form can give you a realistic image of your company’s bottom line. It can help you better understand your cash flow, look for categories...

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Simple Profit and Loss Statement for the Self-Employed

If you’re self-employed, preparing a Profit and Loss statement may feel like an overwhelming task. No matter how expert you are in your trade, odds are you never studied finance. You got into what you...

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Independent Contractor Profit And Loss Statement

Working as an independent technical contractor, I’ve used a variety of accounting solutions to manage my business income and expenses. Early on, I used packaged software installed on a local PC (or network)....

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