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Our home templates are to help you with organizing your life at home. We only have 3 templates for now, but we are adding some new templates very soon – check back often to see them.

Use Microsoft Excel, Mac Numbers, Apache OpenOffice, or Google Sheets to edit these files. Total number of downloads up to date: 17406

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Garage Sale Inventory List and Sale Tracker

A garage sale is an informal event to sale used goods for raise some funds and clearing some spaces in their houses. The term garage sale comes from the place where they keep those unwanted items and open...

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Household Inventory List

This is an inventory spreadsheet that is created to help you record any detail information regarding all of your family belongings in your house. By building and maintaining this list, you can easily get...

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Family Tree Template

Genealogy - aka, family history research - has surged in popularity in the last 20 years. And with good reason. Not only is it fun, but - no surprise here - the internet has also proven to be an amazing...

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