Using Auto List Members In The VB Editor

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One of the most useful features in VBA is an option called Auto List Members. When this option is in effect, VBA displays a list that contains information that would logically complete the statement at the current insertion point.

For example, when you type Application (followed by a dot), you'll get a drop-down list of all of the properties and methods for the Application object. Simply select from the list and be on your way. This feature is useful because it:

  • Reduces typing
  • Prompts you with properties and methods you may not even know about
  • Eliminates spelling errors

If you're working in a code module for a UserForm, you may need to specify an object located on the UserForm (such as a ListBox) -- but you can't remember the object's name. The solution? Type Me followed by a dot. You'll get a list of all of the properties, methods, and objects for the UserForm. Then you can simply select the object's name from the list.

Similarly, you can type VBA followed by a dot and you'll get a list of VBA statements, functions, and constants. The figure below demonstrates.

NOTE: if Auto List Members isn't working for you, select Tools Options to view the Options dialog box. Click the Edit tab and make sure you have the Auto List Members option checked. (5786 bytes)

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