Selecting All Unlocked Cells

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As you probably know, when a worksheet is protected, only the unlocked cells can be changed. You may want to apply different formatting to the unlocked cells, or simply ensure that the correct cells are indeed unlocked.

Oddly, there is no direct way to quickly identify which cells are locked or unlocked. When the sheet is protected, you can use the Tab key to move among the unlocked cells, but it you would like to select them all you'll need a macro.

The macro listed below selects all unlocked cells on the active worksheet.

Sub SelectUnlockedCells()
    Dim WorkRange As Range
    Dim FoundCells As Range
    Dim Cell As Range
    Set WorkRange = ActiveSheet.UsedRange
    For Each Cell In WorkRange
        If Cell.Locked = False Then
            If FoundCells Is Nothing Then
                Set FoundCells = Cell
                Set FoundCells = Union(FoundCells, Cell)
            End If
        End If
    Next Cell
    If FoundCells Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox "All cells are locked."

    End If
End Sub

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