Old-Style Menus In Excel 2007

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Here's a quick way to display the old-style menu in Excel 2007 or later. Execute this VBA procedure, and you'll get a toolbar that contains the old Excel 2003 menu commands.

Sub MakeOldMenus()
   Dim cb As CommandBar
   Dim cbc As CommandBarControl
   Dim OldMenu As CommandBar

'  Delete it, if it exists
   On Error Resume Next
   Application.CommandBars("Old Menus").Delete
   On Error GoTo 0

'  Create an old-style toolbar
'  Set the last argument to False for a more compact menu
   Set OldMenu = Application.CommandBars.Add("Old Menus", , True)

'  Copy the controls from Excel's "Built-in Menus" shortcut menu
   With CommandBars("Built-in Menus")
     .Controls("&File").Copy OldMenu
     .Controls("&Edit").Copy OldMenu
     .Controls("&View").Copy OldMenu
     .Controls("&Insert").Copy OldMenu
     .Controls("F&ormat").Copy OldMenu
     .Controls("&Tools").Copy OldMenu
     .Controls("&Data").Copy OldMenu
     .Controls("&Window").Copy OldMenu
     .Controls("&Help").Copy OldMenu
   End With

'   Make it visible. It appears in the Add-Ins tab
   Application.CommandBars("Old Menus").Visible = True
End Sub

After you execute this macro, the new menu appears in the Add-Ins tab:

The menu isn't perfect. A few of the command don't work, and the list of recent files in the File menu just shows placeholders.

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