Format Cells To Display In Thousands

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In some cases, you may want to display thousands without zeros. For example, you would like 52,000 to appear as 52. Here's how to do it:

First, select the cells to be formatted, then choose Format, Cells. Click the Number tab. Select Custom from the Category list, and in the Type box enter 0, (that's a zero followed by a comma).

When this number format is applied, the cells will retain the correct numerical values, but they will be displayed without the last three digits.

To display values in millions, insert an additional comma at the end of the format string (0,,).

Another possibility is to display one or more decimal places--for example, 52,100 as 52.1. To do this, include a decimal point in your format string (0.0,).

You can also use these number formats in charts. To do so, double-click the chart axis to display the Format Axis dialog box. Then click the Number tab and specify the desired format. In Excel 2000 and later, the Scale tab of the Format Axis dialog box lets you specify the unit scaling directly. Just choose Millions from the "Display units" drop-down box.

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