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The person's total body-fat can make a tremendous difference to their body shape and health. Since muscle tissue is more compact than fat, any deposition of fat will cover a greater area than that of muscle. One of parameter that can be used to measure health status of a person is a body fat percentage, where it is defined as the total weight of the person's fat divided by the person's weight.

Body Fat Calculator

There are several methods to calculate body fat percentage, and usually the parameter for men and women also different. I choose two popular methods. The first method is Caliper method, which developed by A.S. Jackson, and M.L. Pollock in year 1985, that include weight in the calculation and the second method is developed by US Navy that include height in the calculation. You can read more information about Caliper method here.

Parameters based on US Navy method are :

  • Weight (men and women),
  • Waist (men and women),
  • Wrist (women only),
  • Hip (women only),
  • Forearm (women only)

Parameters based on Caliper method are :

  • Height (men and women),
  • Neck (men and women),
  • Abdomen (men and women),
  • Hip (women only),

If you compare the results of both method, you will find that the variation of the body fat percentage for men are very high for some values. And there is no exact body fat range classification based on the calculated results. Different authorities have different classification based on their research. So, use this result as your brief reference. Always consult your doctor or your health advisor to give you a better objective valuation.

The guidance to use this spreadsheet is simple, just enter your body fat parameter measurement in the corresponding boxes, and the excel formula will give you the body fat percentage and the health classification range based on that percentage.

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