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A week can fly by, leaving us wondering what we accomplished. Wonder no more - instead, glance back at your weekly To Do list to see your progress! To help you organize and prioritize your week, we offer 2 types of Weekly To Do List templates. One is a multi-worksheet template for a super-busy week and the other is a more consolidated, single page To Do list (in 3 different formats).

Template Contents

Below is a list of weekly To Do list templates available, with descriptions of worksheets included in the templates.

Weekly To Do List - Automated Dates (Multi-worksheet)

A template file containing 7 worksheets - one for each day of the week. Each worksheet includes a To Do list with 6 categories. Enter up to 8 tasks for each category. A notes section is also provided at the bottom of each worksheet.

Weekly To Do List - Single Page

A template file containing 3 worksheets. Each worksheet is formatted differently and includes a weekly To Do list. Below is a description of each To Do list worksheet.

  1. Weekly 8 Lines - a To Do list arranged by days of the week. Enter up to 8 tasks per day (plus an additional task on Sunday).
  2. Weekly 8 Lines with Dates - a duplicate of the 1st worksheet, but includes automated dates, in addition to days of the week.
  3. Weekly 15 Lines - a To Do list arranged by days of the week. Enter up to 15 tasks per day.

Using the Templates

Personalize It

Whether you have a busy work week or a holiday week ahead, add a personal touch to your weekly To Do list by entering a personal title and your name. Type directly into the cells containing name and example titles to overwrite them with your own information.

Weekly To Do List Personalize template

If you prefer to pocket your To Do list and scribble things in as they come up during the week - go ahead and hit print. All To Do list worksheets are already formatted to fit neatly on a page.

Weekly To Do List - Automated Dates (Multi-worksheet)

This template is designed for a very busy week with categorization needs. Each day of the week has its own worksheet to maximize space. Each worksheet is filled with 6 categories and 8 tasks for each category. To kick off a week of “to-doing,” enter Monday’s date at the top of the first worksheet.

Weekly To Do List Automated Dates

The next 6 worksheets will automatically update with the remaining days of the week by referencing Monday’s date plus the appropriate number of days. Create categories for your busy day and enter your tasks. Finally, mark off completed tasks by entering an “X” into the box next to each task.

Weekly To Do List x completed tasks

Use the notes section at the bottom of each worksheet to enter reminders or other information.

Weekly To Do List notes

Weekly To Do List - Single Page

If you can fit a whole week’s worth of tasks on one page - this is your type of weekly To Do list!

Weekly 8 Lines

In this worksheet, the days of the week are already listed in each section. Simply enter tasks and mark them off with an “X” as you complete them.

Weekly To Do List Weekly 8 Lines

Weekly 8 Line With Dates

This weekly To Do list is almost the same as the previous one - the difference is that it automatically displays a date for all days of the week, once Monday’s date is entered at the top of the page.

Weekly To Do List Weekly 8 Line With Dates

Weekly 15 Lines

If you find yourself short on space for about 7 more tasks when using the other weekly 1-page worksheets - use this one instead! Each day of the week has space for 15 tasks. Days of the week are listed on the left and are abbreviated due to limited space. Use this list the same way you would use the other To Do lists.

Weekly To Do List Weekly 15 Lines

Completed Tasks

In addition to dropping an “X” into the box, there are a few other ways to mark off completed tasks. Below are some examples.

Example 1. Use “Wingdings 2” font type and enter an uppercase “P” to create a checkmark.

Weekly To Do List Completed Tasks

Example 2. Use the “Strikethrough” format to cross off completed items. To cross off a completed or canceled task, right-click on the cell containing the task, select “Format Cell” from the pop up list, and check the “strikethrough” box under “Effects.”

Weekly To Do List strikethrough

Example 3. Create color codes to represent task status (e.g. Blue = Done, Yellow = Not Done).

Weekly To Do List color codes

New Lists and Historical Records

When you are finished with a To Do list, you can roll it forward to the next day or week, while retaining your previous To Do lists. To duplicate a To Do list worksheet, right-click on the one you prefer and select “Move or Copy” from the pop up menu. Next, select “Create a copy” and click “OK.”

Weekly To Do List add new

Rename new worksheets as needed.

Finally, delete any completed tasks or other information that you don’t want to carry over to a new list. Repeat the process to save another list.

Change Color Scheme

You can modify your weekly To Do lists with different background and text colors. For example, add some fun holiday color to your To Do list by creating a red and white color scheme. To change the background color, highlight the relevant cells and use the “Fill Color” tool to select a color. To change text color, repeat these steps and use the “Font Color” tool.

Change Color Scheme

Example. Anna’s decorated holiday To Do list.

Weekly To Do List red theme

Tip: For an extra bit of holiday flair insert icons, such as snowflakes or snowmen. To add icons, go to the “Insert” menu and select “Illustrations.” Next, select “Icons” from the Illustration dropdown and choose the appropriate image.

Weekly To Do List add icons

Finally, drag the image to the desired located in the spreadsheet. To further modify image color and shape, right-click on the image and select format graphic.

To view a how-to example, check out this short tutorial:

Weekly To Do List add icons how to

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