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Most people have many things to do. Our job is to help you get those things done - and done well - by giving you the tools to organize, manage, and prioritize your tasks. In this template, we offer 3 separate To Do lists - 1 simple To Do list and 2 categorized To Do lists in different formats. Each list allows you to prioritize your tasks and helps keep you focused with status settings.

Template Contents

Below are the worksheets included in this template.

To Do Simple List

A To Do list table with space for up to 100 tasks. Options include priority setting, start date, time needed (to complete), and status setting. Completed tasks are reflected in an automated progress bar at the top of the list.

To Do List Progress

A duplicate of the “To Do Simple List” worksheet with an added “category” column.

To Do List Categorized

A To Do list with 7 colorized categories. List up to 10 tasks for each category. Each task can be managed with priority settings, time period, and status tracking.

Using the Template

Personalize It

Each To Do list worksheet in this template comes with designated cells where you can enter a title and name. Take a minute to personalize your To Do list!

Example. If Johnny Appleseed were still around today, he would probably personalize his apple orchard To Do list, as shown below.

Things To Do List change title

You can print this list if you’d like to write your tasks by hand, but this is a good one to work with in Excel due to its large size and automated features.

Lists with Progress Bar

The first 2 worksheets in this template are very similar - the difference is an extra column, which allows you to categorize tasks. We will discuss both worksheets in this section due to similar user experience for both lists.

First, enter each task in the “To Do” column. Next, set a priority for each task; options include High, Medium, and Low. Then, enter a start date and time needed to complete each task. Finally, as each task is completed, enter “Done” (or any other word) in the status column - doing so will increase total percent of tasks completed on the progress bar.

Things To Do List Lists with Progress Bar

Note: The Priority column is formatted to only accept choices found on the dropdown list (High, Medium, and low).

If you are using a To Do list with the category column, create multiple categories for your task list to assign each task to a category. In the example above, Johnny Appleseed’s goals are multifaceted - they include categories, such as apple tree planting, harvesting, and cider making.

Categorized To Do List

This To Do list is similar to our daily categorized To Do list, but it includes an additional “Date Period” column, which allows you to use this list over an extended period of time.

Enter a category name by overwriting the standard “CAT 1” title. It is a good idea to use a shorter name due to limited space; otherwise, decrease the font size to fit a slightly longer category name. Date / Period can be as vague (e.g. “Fall 2018”) or as specific (e.g. “09/12/2018”) as you’d like.

Things To Do List Categorized

You can enter up to 10 tasks per category. Use either alphabetical, numeric, or alphanumeric values to set priority for each task. You can be as creative as you’d like when managing the status for each task (colors, checkmarks, abbreviations). In the example above, our status tracking lingo is pretty standard.

Freeze Panes

The To Do lists containing progress bars have rows for 100 tasks, so by the time you scroll down to task #20, you’re column headings will disappear. To avoid this issue, use the Freeze Panes option to keep your column headings in place no matter how far down you scroll.

Things To Do List freeze panes

To freeze your column headings, click into a cell under the row displaying column headings. Next, go to the “View” menu and select the first option under the “Freeze Panes” dropdown. Note: you must be in either “Normal” or “Page Break Preview” view to freeze panes.

Here is a short how-to example:

Things To Do List freeze panes how to

New Lists and Historical Records

If you’d like to create new lists, while also retaining old lists for future reference, you can duplicate To Do list worksheets in this template. To duplicate a list worksheet, right-click on your preferred list worksheet and select “Move or Copy” from the pop up menu. Next, select “Create a copy” and click “OK.”

Things To Do List new list

Rename new worksheets as needed.

Finally, delete any completed tasks or other information that you don’t want to carry over to a new list. Repeat the process to save another list.


Change Color Scheme

You can modify To Do lists with different background and text colors. Since we are using our folk hero as an example, maybe a “Johnny Appleseed red and green color scheme” would be fitting. To change the background color, highlight all relevant cells and use the “Fill Color” tool to select a color. To change text color, repeat these steps and use the “Font Color” tool.

Change Color Scheme

Example. Johnny Appleseed red-green color scheme.

Things To Do List red-green color scheme

You can also modify colors for items like the progress bar. To edit progress bar, right click on the bar and use the “Fill” and “Outline” tools for quick edits.

Things To Do List edit progress bar

Alternatively, you can use the Format Chart Area menu, for further editing, by selecting “Format Chart Area” from the pop up menu.

format chart area

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