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A New Year's resolution is defined as personal goals, projects, new habit being committed by people in anticipation of the New Year. A new year always being marked as a time to open a new chapter of everybody's life, where they plan to be a better person or to get a better life, in terms of quality or wealthiness.

New Year's Resolution template

But, trying to commit those goals is not as easy as writing it in a piece of paper :). A study by Richard Wisemen (University of Bristol), in 2007, showed that 88% New Year's resolutions has failed to be achieved, despite the fact that 52% of respondents were confident of success at the beginning. Nevertheless, you shouldn't have to worry about writing your new goals. With goals, you will always have something to be pursued while sailing through the new year regardless the results you will have by the end of that year.

Some of popular goals are :

  • Improve health: eat better food, quit smoking, lose weight
  • Improve wealth: invest on shares, properties, golds
  • Improve career: get a promotion, get a better job
  • Improve education: learn something new, continue education
  • Improve self: more organized, more mature, less hanging out, more time with family
  • Have a vacation

These New Year's Resolution below are just simple excel templates which could help you to write your goals down and monitor the results. There are two type of templates, the first one is a simple template where you just write your goals, and type done in the next column, and you will see the percentage of goals that has been achieved. This template is based on my To Do List template I have posted one year ago. The second one is a more advance template where you should also put your goals timeframe (you can select it from the Target Timeframe column). When you achieved your goal, you can type "v" in Done column and put your date in Date achieved column. There is a year bar which will show you the timeframe, and your achievement (Done word in blue column if you achieved it within your timeframe or orange color if you achieved it outside your timeframe).

There is no protection in this template, you can modify, expand or doing anything to suit your needs.

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