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Students often dislike thinking about homework assignments, especially, if the requirements are not clear due to poor record keeping. But homework doesn’t have to be frightening! A well organized list of what needs to get done after school makes a big difference. To help corral your scholastic activities, we offer a Homework To Do List template with priority settings, status tracking, and more.

Template Contents

Below are the worksheets included in this template.

(Homework) Start and Due Dates

A homework To Do list with columns for:

  • assignments,
  • priority setting,
  • start date,
  • due date,
  • status tracking,
  • and notes.

A status summary is also available at the top right of the page.

(Homework) Completion Dates

This worksheet includes everything on the homework “Start and Due Dates” worksheet, plus an assignment “Completion” date column.

Using the Template

Personalize It

Enter your student information (where applicable) - Term, Assigned to, and Period. You can also add a personal touch to the spreadsheet title, which comes with a standard title - “HOMEWORK TO DO LIST.” Type directly into the cell containing the standard title to overwrite it with your new title.

Homework To Do List title

If there is any other information you’d like to enter at the top of the To Do list, simply insert a new row to create a new category, as shown below.

Homework To Do List add row

Tip: For consistency, use the “Format Painter” tool to copy the format from the rows above.

To view a how-to example, please see this short video:

If you prefer to enter your homework To Do list by hand, delete any example assignments, and hit print - our worksheets are already formatted to print on one page.

Managing the List

Each worksheet has space for up to 50 assignments. For each assignment, you have the option to set a priority, start date, end date, completion date, and status, as well as make any notes.

Example. First 3 assignments entered.

Homework To Do List assignments entered


Priority settings range from high to low. Each cell in the priority column has a dropdown list where you can choose the priority setting.

Homework To Do List priority column

Note: If you type in an invalid entry, you will receive an error message.

Start Date and Due Date

Enter a start date and due date for each assignment. This feature of the homework To Do list will help make sure that you don’t miss any assignments, as you hold yourself accountable to complete them.

If you selected the worksheet with “Completion” date, enter the date you completed the assignment as a chronological reference.


Status tracking is another useful tool to keep focused and motivated to get assignments completed. Status options include Not Started, In Progress, Incomplete, and Complete. Make sure to use one of these 4 options from the dropdown list in each cell, in order for results to flow into the “Status Summary.”

Homework To Do List status

Status Summary

The “Status Summary” shows total progress to give you a rough idea of whether or not you are on track on all your assignments.

Homework To Do List Status Summary

Note: In order for an assignment to be accounted for in the status summary, it must have a status option listed in the “Status” column. We suggest pre-populating a “Not Started” status for any new assignments on the list.

Freeze Panes

By the time you scroll down to assignment #19, your column headings will disappear. To avoid this issue, use the Freeze Panes option to keep your column headings in place no matter how far down you scroll.

Homework To Do List Freeze Panes

To freeze your column headings, click into a cell under the row displaying column headings. Next, go to the “View” menu and select the first option under the “Freeze Panes” dropdown.

Note: You must be in either “Normal” or “Page Break Preview” view to freeze panes.

To view a how-to example, see this tutorial:

New Lists and Historical Records

You might want to have a separate homework To Do list for each subject, or you might want to save old To Do lists for reference. You can organize separate To Do lists on multiple worksheets in one file by duplicating worksheets. To duplicate a previous list, right-click on your preferred To Do list worksheet and select “Move or Copy” from the pop up menu. Next, select “Create a copy” and click “OK.”

Homework To Do List create copy

Finally, rename new worksheets and edit, as needed.


Expand the List

The overachiever may have more than 50 assignments to tackle. In that case, expand the To Do list! Copy (Ctrl + C) the last row and “Insert Copied Cells” to create more space for the extra assignments.

Note: The print area will surpass one page once new rows are inserted.

insert copied cells

To view a how-to example, check out this short video:

Change Color Scheme

You can modify the color schemes of your homework To Do List worksheets. To change the background color, highlight all relevant cells and use the “Fill Color” tool to select a color. To change text color, repeat these steps and use the “Font Color” tool.

Change Color Scheme

Example. Change the standard green and white color scheme to purple.

Homework To Do List purple color scheme

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