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To Do lists come in all shapes and sizes! Our To Do list template offers 3 more ways to stay productive. You can choose between a super-simple To Do list with a progress bar, a standard To Do list with categories, and a more serious To Do list with categories, priority settings, and status tracking. Select the format that works best for you!

Template Contents

Below are the worksheets included in this template.

Simple with Progress Bar

A very basic, 3-column To Do list, with an automated progress bar. This list can be expanded as needed.


A daily To Do list with 6 colorized categories. List up to 8 tasks for each category. A “notes” section is also included at the bottom of this worksheet.

Categorized Status Priority

A daily To Do list with 7 colorized categories. List up to 10 tasks for each category. Each task can be managed with priority settings and status tracking.

Using the Template

Simple To Do List with Progress Bar

A To Do list can be as simple as just listing a few tasks. With our “Simple To Do List” you can skip the labeling altogether and jump right into listing. Simply list your tasks, check tasks off as they are completed, and watch your progress bar advance toward the finish line.

Daily To Do List Template progress bar

To activate the progress bar, type anything you’d like in the “Status” column for each completed task. The progress bar is not coded to accept words such as “Done” (any word will do).

This table offers space for 26 tasks. Need more space? You can expand the list. Simply copy (Ctrl + C) the last row of the table and “Insert Copied Cells” to add new rows for as many new tasks as needed.

insert copied cells

Finally, expand the formula range in cell D4 to include newly added tasks in the automated progress bar.

Daily To Do List Template expand formula range

Categorized To Do List

Date and Title

The categorized To Do list format has room to personalize your daily list, as well as a convenient layout. Make it your own by adding a personal title and your name. Overwrite the standard examples that come with the worksheet (e.g. JOHN DOE 1) by typing directly into the name field and title field.

Daily To Do List Template Date and Title

Lastly, enter the day of the week and today’s date at the top of the worksheet. If you wish to build a handwritten list, just hit print - our worksheets are already formatted to fit on one page.

Managing the List

Managing your To Do list in Excel is fun and easy. For example, enter a category name by overwriting the cell titled “Category 1.” Now you are ready to populate up to 8 tasks pertaining to the category.

Example. Frank’s car needs some attention.

Daily To Do List Template populate tasks

There are many ways to mark off completed tasks. One of the easiest ways is to enter an “X” in the box provided at the start of each task.

Don’t forget about the “notes” section down at the bottom of the page. List any reminders or other information pertaining to your daily tasks.

Example. Frank’s return date for the next oil change.

Daily To Do List Template notes

Categorized Status and Priority To Do List

Date and Time

If you are extremely organized and you want to make every minute count, you have probably decided to use the Categorized Status Priority worksheet. If you have a minute, personalize your daily To Do list with title, name, and date.

Daily To Do List Template Categorized Status

Managing the List

Enter a category name by overwriting the standard “CAT 1” title. It is a good idea to use a shorter name due to the limited space; otherwise, decrease the font size to fit a slightly longer category name.

Daily To Do List Template new tasks

You can enter up to 10 tasks per category. Use either alphabetical or numeric values to set priorities for each task. You can be as creative as you’d like when managing the status for each task (colors, checkmarks, abbreviations). In the example above, our status tracking lingo is pretty standard.

Completed Tasks

In addition to dropping an “X” into the box or including a status, there are a few other ways to mark off completed tasks. Below are some examples.

Example 1. Use “Wingdings 2” font type and enter an uppercase “P” to create a checkmark.

Daily To Do List Template Completed Tasks

Example 2. Use the “Strikethrough” format to cross off completed items. To cross off a completed or canceled task, right-click on the cell containing the task, select “Format Cell” from the pop up list, and check the “strikethrough” box under “Effects.”

Daily To Do List Template cross off completed items

Example 3. Create color codes to represent task status (e.g. Blue = Done, Yellow = Pending).

Daily To Do List Template color codes

New Lists and Historical Records

As the saying goes, “Sometimes what you were supposed to get done today has to be put off until tomorrow!” Carry over incomplete tasks to a new daily To Do list. To duplicate a previous list, right-click on your preferred To Do list worksheet and select “Move or Copy” from the pop up menu. Next, select “Create a copy” and click “OK.”

Daily To Do List Template new list

Now, rename the worksheet tab with the appropriate date.

Finally, update the duplicated list with a new date and delete any completed tasks. This method allows you to maintain a history of previous To Do lists for later reference.


Change Color Scheme

If you’re feeling artistic, you can modify the color schemes of your To Do List worksheets. To change the background color, highlight all relevant cells and use the “Fill Color” tool to select a color. To change text color, repeat these steps and use the “Font Color” tool.


Change Color Scheme

Example. Change standard green-blue-red category color scheme to a Halloween-themed color scheme.

Daily To Do List Template Halloween-themed color scheme

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