World Cup Wall Chart

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This is just a passive World Cup Football Tournament Schedule which has no automatic score calculation. It has a poster or A3 size which suitable to be printed and put on your wall. But, instead of just a poster or a schedule, you can put the match result in the match boxes and summarize the standings of each group by filling the score and the rank. That is the reason why I put three standing boxes for each group.

World Cup 2010 Wall Chart

When all the group matches are finished and the qualified teams are revealed, you can put the winner and the runner up of each group on corresponding boxes in Knock Out worksheet.

You can customize the layout of this spreadsheet to suit your taste. Even though there is no automatic score calculation, I still leave the language translation (only for country name) and timezone conversion feature in this spreadsheet. So, you can adjust it into your own language and timezone. If you think that the country translation or timezone is incorrect, just correct it by going to the language and timezone worksheets. You have to unhide and unprotect them first before you can change it.

World Cup 2010 Bracket

You can download the file below to start trying and customize the World Cup Wall Chart. Since this is just a passive schedule, you can directly correct any mistakes if you found one.

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