World Cup Match Stats Tracker and Head to Head Records

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This World Cup Team Stats and Head-to-Head Records and Match Tracker spreadsheets might be the ones you need to accompany you watching this year FIFA World Cup that will be held in Russia. The first spreadsheet consists all 32 participants match result stats during their participation in all World Cups as well as their recent competitive matches since 2006. The second spreadsheet, Match Stats Tracker, is a spreadsheet to record and track stats from all 64 matches in this tournament.

I have collected and compiled all raw data and visualized them into a simple individual team stats dashboard. Not all stats are shown. Only match results and goals. No top scorers or cards and other secondary stats like possession, offsides, saves etc, since it will be too heavy to process in order to show them within one spreadsheet. But, shown facts should be enough to help you observing particular team and opponents behavior before they are going to compete each other during this World Cup competition.

World Cup 2018 - Team Stats and H2H Records

You just need to select particular team to see their individual stats and select particular opponent to see their head-to-head records in all World Cups and other competitive tournaments since 2006.

Beside those stats, you can include results from World Cup in this spreadsheet by typing in World Cup match results in particular worksheet.

There are four main parts in this spreadsheets. You can read their description below.


You just need to pick particular team (cell C3) and let the Excel formula pull all related stats for that team. There are ten areas to learn some important stats for selected team. I will describe information that you will get in those areas by picking England as my team.

World Cup 2018 - Team Stats All Area


In this area, you can read participation summary of selected team during all world cups.

World Cup 2018 - Team Stats part A

You may notice that if you pick particular team, its background color will change to suit its continent where the country reside. There are 7 different colors for 7 different continents where you can see it in part F.

For England itself, you can see that they have participated in 14 World Cups with their achievements are shown below it (excluded 2018). You can read how many match they have played as well as their match results.


You can see how England progress in all World Cups they have participated in this chart.

World Cup 2018 - Team Stats part B


You can see more detail about their results in the last 5 world Cups. As you can see in the example below, England participated in all 5 previous World Cups with Quarter Finals are their best achievement. Also, you can see scores in all matches they played. Background colors represent their opponent’s continents. These stats should be helpful to predict their stats against particular opponents in this year event. There is a 2018 table at the right side with continent colors.

World Cup 2018 - Team Stats part C

By reading this stats, you can briefly see that England never lost in match against African countries (1 Win and 2 Draws). You can see cells with purple background to spot it quickly. The country (Tunisia) from African continent that they will face in their first group matches in this year World Cup.

Other facts that you might see, they never lost against North American countries (1 Win and 2 Draws) in group matches in 5 previous World Cups. Yellow background color will also lead to see the facts quickly. They will face Panama that come from North America in their second match. But, they failed to win any matches in previous World Cup. It is fun, isn’t it? You can find some similarities or pattern or anything from this stats and write it in Summary below the table.

You need to write summary in Team Squad worksheet based on your own observation. It will be pulled automatically if you select particular country.

Why only the last 5 World Cups for getting facts? Because FIFA started to allow 32 participants since 1998. But, you can get more facts from area F and G.

You can reveal actual result from World Cup by putting the score in World Cup Scoresheet worksheet. It should help you analyze and compare with previous stats.


You can see the last six results of selected team. For England, you can see that they only won once.

World Cup 2018 - Team Stats part D


England have a very good stats in their previous 10 competitive matches, all of them are from World Cup Qualification where they never lost and posted eight wins.

World Cup 2018 - Team Stats part E

Based on stats in area D, England have not performed well, but they have a good prospect to advance to the knock out rounds if it is based on their previous 10 World Cup qualification matches (area E).


There are countries from 7 continents where England have ever faced during their World Cup campaigns and other tournaments since 2006 with mixed results. Data are represented in Win-Draw-Lose visualization. There are blue background color to help see that England have more Win than Draw/Lose while red background color are used to show that England have more Lose than Win/Draw records.

World Cup 2018 - Team Stats part F and G


England is in Group G. All participants are sorted based on their groups. Here, you can see a brief head-to-head stats between England and other participants in similar groups as well as other participants that they might face if they are qualified to the knock out round.


If you want to see goal distribution of particular participant, you can observe this area. This table is still divided into three categories, All World Cup, Last 5 World Cups and Other Tournaments since 2006.

World Cup 2018 - Team Stats part HI didn’t show it in Pie Chart since Excel tends to consume more resources on Chart.


Do you want to know what common scores particular teams are got during their competitive matches? You can see it in here. You can see the top five of score results shown in times and percentages.

World Cup 2018 - Team Stats part I

I think the table above already speaks for itself.


This is just squad information for this year tournament. They are not firmed yet. You need to update the data in Team Squad worksheet after official squads are released by each countries.

World Cup 2018 - Team Stats part J

I plan to put flags formula, but it made the calculation process very-very slow. So, I discarded it.

To edit team squad and last 5 world cup observation summary in part C, you can go to edit team squad hyperlink at the top of this worksheet.

Need other World Cup team stats? I have run out ideas, but there are still empty areas at the bottom right of this table. You can create your own stats summary or you can drop me email about your ideas and I will think to include it in the update. I couldn’t give you a promise, but I might do it if there are many requests of similar ideas.


Head-to-Head Team Stats worksheet will give you more detail information on teams that will meet in this year World Cup.

World Cup 2018 - Head-to-Head Stats

The first team (in cell B2) will be shown based on selected team in Team Stats worksheet. You can’t change it in this worksheet, even though you change it manually, since it will take stats data from Team Stats data. You just need to select the opponent team (cell K2) to see their head-to-head stats. In image above, the cell contains Tunisia.

Background colors still represent continents where they reside.

In the last 5 competitive matches, you have option to see goal scorers from each matches. You can do that by expanding the group button (+) at the row panel at the left side. It will have visualization like you see in the screenshot below.

World Cup 2018 Head to Head Goal Scorers

I think I don’t have to explain it more since you can understand all shown stats here.


There are two parts in this World Cup Facts Worksheets.


This is just a summary table of important facts from all World Cups.

World Cup 2018 - Facts

You can see :

  • All host Countries where World Cups are held
  • All World Cup Champions as well as 2nd – 4th places position
  • Best Players
  • Final Match Referees
  • Champions Coaches

All World Cup Champions always have coaches from Champion’s countries. It should minimize possibility of number of countries that should win this year World Cup if you believe that this fact should continue.


You can’t see countries other than participant stats in Team Stats worksheet. But, here, in this worksheet, you can see a full tournament results from group stages until knock out stages for the last 5 World Cups. You can see particular Group Standings as well.

World Cup 2018 - All Matches 1998-2014

I sorted their matches in similar pattern, based on groups, so you can observe and compare how team from each groups performed from time to time.

There are brief summary below those tables that could give you important information, like :

  • Number of similar participants from previous World Cups
  • Top 5 common scores in group rounds
  • Number of matches completed in Normal, Extra and by Penalty Shoot Outs in Knock Out round stages.

I provide World Cup table at the right side, just in case you want to fill it. There are no automatic formula for group standings. You need to fill it manually. You might think that I should take the score from WC Fixtures, but, I don’t think this table should available in this worksheet. It is just an option.


This is an optional worksheet if you want to get World Cup match results into Team Stats worksheet. Also, there are no automatic group standings functions. All knock out pairing brackets must be filled manually based on actual tournament results.

World Cup 2018 - Match Score WC

Type score results in column H and I. You may add goal scorers in column F and K as well as its minutes in column G and J. Formulas in the background are created to process scores and goals. No other formulas created for other stats other than goals. Why? It is already heavy enough to process the database. I don’t want to make it slower by adding more complicated formulas.

In conclusion, I think I have explained all important parts of this spreadsheet. And, there is an additional worksheet where you can type participant squads and write summary of your own observation. It is Team Squad worksheet. You can see it pulled in Summary part in Team Stats worksheet. Team squads written in this spreadsheet are not official yet. Therefore, you need to update it by the time they release it.

Furthermore, you can watch my youtube video on how to use this World Cup Team Stats and Head-to-Head Records spreadsheet and see all available features.


World Cup Match Stats Tracker is a simple spreadsheet to record and track statistics of all 64 matches in this tournament. It has no automatic standing table functions as Schedule and Scoresheet template since it is focusing on collecting statistics. Knock out teams will be selected manually by using dropdown list from match 49 until 64. And there are additional rows to record penalty shoot out results. This spreadsheet could help you on tracking your favorite teams or doing analysis on upcoming team matches, especially in knock out rounds. This is not a free spreadsheet but you can try the demo version to record all group’s first matches to see how it works.

World Cup 2018 Match Stats Tracker - Main Worksheet

There are 3 big parts in this spreadsheet.

  • 64 matches stats recorder
  • Player database
  • Team and player stats summary

You can follow instruction below to use this spreadsheet.


You need to update the player database to official players released by any countries by the end of May. There are unofficial player names inputted in its database now.


This is the main part of this spreadsheet where you can typing stats for any matches.
> Select 11 players in the lineup and 12 players in the substitution tables.
> Record stats by
— type minute in column H
— Select player names in column I and N
— Select stats code in column J and M
— Scores will be added and calculated automatically
— Add notes in column O (optional)
— type match stats summary for both teams at Match Stats Summary table at the bottom of each match stats area.

Repeat similar steps for all matches. But, you need to select team first for match 49 – 64 before recording the stats.


There are three worksheets in this part to read summary of particular teams in this tournament.

Team Match Info

World Cup 2018 Match Stats Tracker - Team Match Info

This worksheet will show you all match stats that you have written for particular team that you can select from drop down list in cell F4. You can see stats from their group matches until final, if they advance to the final.

Team Statistics

World Cup 2018 Match Stats Tracker - Team Stats Summary

You can see summary of match stats (stats that you wrote at the bottom) in comparison table to help you read and compare performance of your selected team easily. There are goal distribution table that you can see as well.

Player Stats

World Cup 2018 Match Stats Tracker - Player Stats

It has similar layout with team statistics except it will show you summary of match stats based on player names. You can select stats that you want to show in cell C4.

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