World Cup Last Man Standing Game

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This spreadsheet is based on Last Man Standing spreadsheet. I just simplified it to fit with this tournament. The idea is similar. You can’t pick similar team twice.

There are two models you can choose, Knock Out Stage Rounds and 8-Round model. The first model consists only four rounds, based on number of rounds in knock out stages, those are: Round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. 3rd place match is excluded. With only four rounds, chances of players to go until final rounds are higher which could lead several players are standings until the end (pick 4 over 16 teams). The second model consists of 8 rounds. There are 16 matches (including 3rd place match) where each round will have two matches with four teams involved. I think this one is more challenging since you have to pick 8 teams out of 16 until the end. You can choose which model that suit your game or you can use both.

Here are the rules and how to use last man standing game for world cup template.


  • Players can
    • pick one team that they predicted will win the match within one round
    • can’t pick the same team throughout the game
    • will be eliminated if their picked teams are loss
  • The winner is the last player who stay alive in this game


Go to Setup Worksheet

  • Type 16 qualified teams from World Cup 2018 in cell D4:D19
  • Type player names in column H

Go to Matches Worksheet

WC2018 KO - Last Man Standings Rounds

  • Select pairing teams for Round of 16. I have put 12 teams, qualify from group A-F. You just need to complete the remaining 4 teams. I sort them based on their playing time. If you found the order or pairing teams are incorrect, you can replace it by typing it directly inside team1 and team2 columns.

Go to Pick Worksheet

WC2018 KO - Last Man Standings Pick Teams

  • Pick any teams for each rounds. Pick wisely, you can’t pick same team twice. I suggest you to pick from the last round (Final Round).  In the first model, you can pick any teams since each rounds will have all teams competing to qualify to the next rounds. In the second model, I put table guidance on top of the table to help you selecting 1 team out of 4 teams in round 1 – 4, out of 8 teams in round 5 and 6 and out of 16 teams in the last two rounds.

Go to Matches Worksheet

  • Select winning teams in Result columns. See Image of Matches worksheet above, you need to select team winner in result column at the right side.

Go to Last Man Standing Race worksheets

WC2018 KO - Last Man Standings Leaderboard

  • Track last man standing race based on player names (worksheet 1) and most correct prediction (worksheet 2)
  • Player leaderboard will be sorted by most correct prediction and their entry order in player names in column H in Setup worksheet.

If you just use this spreadsheet in middle of round of 16, you can put actual results and give some bonuses to your players by selecting any teams that won in passing matches.

Lite version:

  • for maximum 5 players.

Full version:

  • Last Man Standings Model 1 and 2 Spreadsheets
  • Pool Prediction Game with all bonus points Spreadsheet
  • License : Single User/Personal use

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