World Cup Pool Knock Out Rounds Only Pool Game

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By the time I released these templates, World Cup 2018 FIFA tournament has four group matches left. Twelve teams are already qualified to the Round of 16 from Group A to F. And, previous World Cup champion, Germany, is eliminated after having a shocking defeat from South Korea. I released these templates to accommodate people who plan to play office pool or prediction game for knock out rounds only, as requested by some people sent to my emails. I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to develop it before the knock out rounds begin, but here they are.

You can use this spreadsheet model to accompany you playing game with your friends until the end of this tournament. I added more bonus points in office pool model to make the game more interesting. If you already using my Full Tournament Office Pool model, and you want to continue using this spreadsheet for your knock out rounds, you can copy and paste summary of your player points in particular columns in Player Scoreboard worksheet. Or, you can reset it and start a new one with this spreadsheet.

All players will start from similar round of 16 pairing teams. You can set different scenario from quarterfinals where you can set it to follow actual results or your player’s prediction.

WC2018 Knock Out Rounds Game - Players Board


  • Pairing Teams for Quarter finals – Final (Prediction or Actual)
    • Player’s Prediction : Team in knock out brackets, start from quarterfinals will follow your player’s prediction
    • Actual Results : Team in knock out brackets, start from quarterfinals will be similar with actual teams
  • Penalty Shoot Out Points Calculation Activation
    • Option to include penalty shoot out results in points calculation
  • Points Applied to Winning Teams regardless of who their opponents are (for player’s prediction option)
    • Players will get opportunity to earn points if their teams won regardless of their opponents


You can define match points in particular table.

WC2018 KO Rounds Prediction Game - Features

I added option to award points even though the opponents of particular teams are different from actual teams, if you want to have pairing teams from quarterfinals until finals follows your player’s prediction.


  1. Correct number of quarterfinalists : 8
  2. Correct number of quarterfinalists : 5 – 7
  3. Correct number of quarterfinalists : 2 – 4
  4. Correct number of semifinalists : 4
  5. Correct number of semifinalists : 2 – 3
  6. Correct number of finalists : 2
  7. Most consecutive correct match result prediction : 12 – 16
  8. Most consecutive correct match result prediction : 7 – 11
  9. Most consecutive correct match result prediction : 2 – 6
  10. Correct match winning team regardless of the opponent. This point will be given if option no 3 above is Yes.
  11. Correct match winning team regardless of length of game duration. This bonus point is given by comparing final result in FT and PSO boxes. Remember that pairing teams must be the same to get the points (if you chosen player’s prediction option).
  12. Champion correct prediction
  13. 2nd Place correct prediction
  14. 3rd Place correct prediction
  15. Best Player correct prediction
  16. Top Scorer correct prediction

After you set all parameters in Setup worksheet, you can type your player names in Player Scoreboard worksheet. Player names will be populated in all worksheets automatically.

Then, you can start typing score prediction in All Players Board worksheet, you need to type Group Winners and Runner Ups in group standing table (cell F9:I16) manually. They will be placed in round of 16 brackets automatically.

Then, you can start typing actual results and track standings of your players in Player Leaderboard worksheet. They will be ranked by

  1. Points earned on all matches + Bonus Points
  2. Number of Correct Score Prediction Matches
  3. Points earned on all matches
  4. Player’s Entry Order in Player Scoreboard

This spreadsheet is a strip version of Full Tournament Office Pool spreadsheet. You can find more detail explanation on how to use it properly in respective post.

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