UEFA Europa League Fixtures and Scoresheet 2019/2020

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This is a UEFA Europa League Fixtures and Scoresheet to record and track your favorite teams through out this year competition. I know that there are many requests for this spreadsheet. After planning it for several years, finally I decided it to create it for 2017/2018 competition. This year release should be the second year for this model. It uses Champions League spreadsheet as the basis but with more teams and groups. Also, in knock out rounds, there are additional teams that will join after they are eliminated from Champions League knock out phase and placed in 3rd position in each group.

UEFA Europa League Group Stages

With a bonus prize for the winner to qualify for Champions League competition, team who participate in this Europa League competition is beginning to take this competition more seriously than before. It makes all matches are interesting now since they will use their main players during this championship event.

If you are already familiar with my scoresheet spreadsheet, you can go to the bottom to download the spreadsheet. But, there are no single team worksheet where you can see individual team schedule and calendar like you may see in my other spreadsheet. I just didn't have much time to modify it before the start of Europa League. I will try to make it available in future release.

How To Use The UEFA Europa League Fixtures and Scoresheet

If you are new to this spreadsheet, you can follow simple instructions below to use the UEFA Europa League Fixtures and Scoresheet.

Team Setup worksheet

You can't edit team names, but you can edit stadium names, countries and their respective UEFA coefficients. Below Europe League team table you can see table for participant that come from Champions League competition. Type their information based on UEFA seeded order. They will be placed in Knock Out team drawing in Group Stages worksheet automatically.

Group Stages Worksheet

You can update score results in this worksheet. You will see teams that qualify to Knock Out rounds in drawing table below group standing tables. There are additional teams from Champions League to complete 32 teams as well. To pair them in knock out rounds, you just need to type similar number to respective teams in both winner and runner up tables. For example, if the drawing yield number one to group A winner, you must put no 1 on respective table. And if the drawing shows number 1 to group  D runner up, you can place no 1 to respective box.

Europe League Fixtures and Scoresheet - Knock Out Stages Drawing

Other features are, you can highlight team or group participants. It should ease you on seeing their matches quickly. Also, you can modify matches dates to your own timezone. But, you may need to replace it manually.

Knock Out Phase Worksheet

After you put all of drawing numbers, you can go to Knock Out phase worksheet to type score results. There are 16 matches in the first round. You can see pairing teams arranged in their home and away boxes. Type the score in respective boxes. Additional Extra Time and Penalty Kick boxes will be shown automatically after result from away matches don't produce any winners. Since away goals are important, any away teams who score a goal in extra time will have greater chance if it ended in draw.

UEFA Europa League Knock Out Phase

You can see conclusion of each matches in the middle table of each match.

Europe League Fixtures and Scoresheet - Team Pairing

After all teams complete their first round matches, UEFA will draw them again to decide round of 16 pairs. They do this after each knock out stages. So, there is no guarantee that favorite teams will meet in the final. It always depends on drawings. Below first round matches table, you will see additional table to pair teams again for round of 16. Teams that won in their previous round will be shown automatically at the right part of the table, as you can see in image above. You just need to select correct pairing teams in the left part of the table. Just watch UEFA drawing event to get the correct ones.

You will repeat typing scores and pairing them again after round of 16 until final.

If you follow other European tournaments, you can download 2019/2020 UEFA Champions League template as well.

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