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There is a request from people about a possibility to have a calendar where they can customize their favourite TV shows in that calendar. So, they will easily being reminded by the calendar about the date and the time of their favourite TV shows.

TV Schedule

This is the solution of that request where you can easily list your TV shows and let the excel formula display your listing in weekly calendar. This TV schedule will display the date, the time, the TV station and the TV shows. And you can slide right or left to customize the weekly period before you print it.

This TV schedule consists of two worksheets. The first worksheet is TV listing worksheet where you can list your favourite TV shows based on recurring day (for example Heroes movie that is aired every Monday), recurring date (for example Music live show event that occur once a month), or fixed date (for example a Los Angeles Lakers matches). There is a holiday column where you can customize if you have other holidays date instead of default USA holidays.

TV Schedule Setup

Once you finished listing your TV shows, you can go to the second worksheet and see how the formula organize your listing in corresponding day and dates. Input the starting date for slider bar reference. And after that you can slide right or slide left to customize the weekly period of TV schedule.

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