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When you need to create a training strategy, a calendar and a to-do list might not be sufficient; they lack the structure needed for a successful training program. But at the same time, specialized software can be overly complicated, time consuming, and costly.

It’s times like these when a simple Microsoft Excel template is the ideal tool. And when it comes to creating a training schedule, Excel, along with The Spreadsheet Page, is the perfect duo to provide you with that tool.

With our Training Schedule Template, you can plan out programs for trainees for one to five days, and have flexible start and end times with breaks built right in.

The importance of training programs

There are various types of training programs, the most common being employee training.

Businesses provide training programs for their new hires to learn their jobs and the safety protocols in their facility. But just as important are training programs provided to existing employees for skill enhancement.

Other kinds of programs, such as management, career advancement, and quality assurance, are also popular training programs. These can lead to new jobs, improved skills, and continuing education.

With any of these, having a structured training program is key. This structure includes stating one’s goals, the strategies to achieve them, and actual measured outcomes. In order to provide a large piece of that structure, companies use training schedules that lay out the activities.

What is a training schedule?

A training schedule is a plan that you assemble for training others using a calendar of activities. This clearly shows the trainees what to expect and how to plan and prepare. In addition, you may schedule the same activities at different times during the training schedule, so that the trainees can attend those events that fit their work schedule.

For example, you may hold an activity to train on the new inventory system at 9AM and again at 4PM. This would accommodate employees who work the morning or afternoon shifts.

How to create an effective training plan

While the training plan must coincide with the training program type, there are a few ways to build an effective plan across the board.

  1. Perform a needs assessment.
  2. Consider adult learning principles.
  3. Develop the learning goals and objectives.
  4. Design and create the training materials.
  5. Implement the training.
  6. Evaluate and document the outcome.

Whether you need an employee training schedule template, a workshop template with recurring weekly schedules, or a multipurpose training plan template, this training schedule template from The Spreadsheet Page works.

Create your training schedule

With your calendar of dates and training-plan of activities, you’re ready to create your training schedule.

Pick your schedule

When you open our training schedule template, you’ll see three tabs for three views of the plan. Each one includes short breaks in the morning and afternoon, along with a lunch break.

  • 1 – 2 Days Portrait
  • 1 – 2 Days Landscape
  • 1 – 5 Days Landscape

The first tab shows a schedule in portrait view timed from 9AM to 7:45PM. The second is a schedule in landscape view timed from 9AM to 5PM. For a one- to two-day program, select the schedule that fits your schedule.

Training Schedule Portrait Landscape

The third tab is a schedule for longer training sessions; it stretches to five days, and is timed from 9AM to 5PM.

Training Schedule Long Sessions

If you need to use the 1 – 5 Days tab but have less than five days in your program, you can easily remove the extra days by deleting or hiding the unneeded columns.

  1. Select the column(s) you want to remove from your schedule by clicking the letter headers.
  2. To delete, either right-click and select Delete or choose Edit > Delete from the menu.
  3. To hide, either right-click and select Hide or choose Format > Column > Hide from the menu.

Training Schedule Hide Column

It’s best to delete or hide the columns from the right side of the template, so that the rest will stay intact for the days you’re using.

Complete the schedule basics

Before entering the activities on the schedule, you should fill out some basic details.

Start at the top and replace Training Schedule Template with the name of your training program.

Then go to each day of your schedule and replace the Day Name, Date, and Location with your program’s information. If you want to use specific names for your sessions, you can put these in the cells for Session 1, Session 2, and so on.

Training Schedule Basics

Add the training activities

Enter the activities for your training program into the assigned day and time slots. Each training schedule is broken into 30-minute increments. This is ideal if you have numerous activities in your program.

If you have activities that last, say, an hour instead of 30 minutes, there are different ways to display them nicely in the training plan template.

One way is to enter the same activity name in each of the two 30 minute slots.

Training Schedule Add Activities

Another way is to merge the two 30 minute cells to create one cell for the longer period.

  1. Select the cells for the activity by dragging through them.
  2. Click the Merge & Center button in the ribbon on the Home tab. You can also click the arrow next to the button and choose Merge Cells if you prefer to not center the text.

Training Schedule Merge

Move the breaks or lunches

If you would like to change the times for the breaks and lunches on the template, you simply need to move them.

Click the cell containing the break or lunch and then drag it to its new spot on the schedule. Be sure the cell you’re moving to is empty so that you don’t overwrite an activity.

Training Schedule Breaks Lunches

Training schedule tips

For a little extra boost when creating your training schedule, consider these tips.

  • Create a backup schedule “just in case.”
  • Give the training schedule to the facility and training instructors in advance.
  • Ask other team members for input or help in preparing the plan.
  • Review your training schedule document several times to eliminate all possible errors.

Training leads to success

You can easily try to use a blank calendar or a to-do list for your training program. But with our training plan template, you have days, time slots, breaks, and lunches all built in and awaiting your input. And best of all, it’s super simple to use.

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