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If you want to increase your productivity – or the productivity of your employees – you need to be able to make and stick to plans. Knowing what you need to do in your day can help you stay focused. And putting in writing which tasks your employees should focus on will help them stay productive.

With the help of a template, you can make an hourly planner in Microsoft Excel quickly and easily. A template gives you a jumpstart on your document with the fields and formatting you need. Our Hourly Schedule Template provides four different options. Pick the one that works best for you, or use them all for different tasks!

What is an hourly planner/schedule and why do you need one?

An hourly planner or schedule is simply a planner that breaks down your day into smaller increments, as opposed to a daily or weekly schedule. This allows you to drill down further on those tasks and responsibilities you have to cover in a day.

By listing the items you need to take care of by hour instead of just by day or week, you can more accurately plan your time.

In addition, an hourly schedule for employees is normally how shifts are planned. For example, you don’t usually hear a worker say that they’re scheduled for seven hours on Tuesday. Rather, you’ll hear them say that they’re scheduled from 8AM to 4PM on Tuesday.

Other ways an hourly planner can be used for employee scheduling is to track the time they spend on tasks or work in certain areas. This allows employers to break down those shifts into workable increments.

If you’re ready to get started and do some hourly planning, here’s what’s included in our template and how to use it.

Template contents

This Hourly Schedule Template includes four helpful tabs for different types of planning. So after you download the template, you can use any or all of the following:

Hourly Schedule V1: An hourly schedule with 15-minute increments, notes, and color-coding.

Hourly Schedule V2: An employee schedule with tasks and 30-minute time increments.

Hourly Schedule V3: An employee schedule with 30-minute time increments.

Hourly Schedule V4: An employee schedule with tasks, one-hour time increments, and automatic totaling of hours.

Hourly Schedule For Everyone and Everything

The first tab of the template contains an hourly schedule that anyone can use (Hourly Schedule V1). It’s helpful for planning things like classes for school, meetings for work, or events throughout your day. You can easily use it on a weekly basis and since it’s printable, you can pop it up on the fridge or bulletin board.

Add a name and date

In the cell at the top for Hourly Schedule, you can enter a different name. You might use something like Class Schedule Semester One, Project X Calendar, or Family Hourly Planner.

Below the name, just enter the Date. You can use any format you’re comfortable with and the template will reformat it for you. For instance, you can enter 12/1/2019 and it will display as Sunday, December 1, 2019.

Hourly Schedule Date

Enter events and notes

Next, enter your events, appointments, or classes in the column for Schedule. Since the template is formatted with 15-minute time increments, you can use it for longer two-hour events or shorter 15-minute breaks.

Directly to the right of each event, you can add Notes as they apply.

Hourly Schedule Events Notes

Use color-coding

A nice feature of this template is its color-coding. If you have an event that lasts one hour, you can simply use color to indicate that rather than enter the event into each time slot.

To apply a color, go to the cell in the column labeled CC corresponding to the event. The cell contains a drop-down box where you can select from six different colors using the letters A through F.

Hourly Schedule Color Coding

A daily planner or weekly schedule

The Hourly Schedule V1 is ideal for school, work, home or even a combination. You could easily enter your classes, chores, and work schedule for the day, every day, all in one spot.

Hourly Schedule Daily Planner

And since you can print the hourly planner, you could set up a weekly schedule with what’s on your plate for each day ahead of time. This is a great way to plan your time and make sure you accomplish everything you need.

Hourly Schedules for Employees

The other three tabs in the template (Hourly Schedule V1, V2, and V3) are for employee scheduling, so this makes a terrific work schedule template. Depending on whether or not you want to include tasks or total up the hours for the employees, you can decide which version works best for you. However, all three do have some pieces in common that you can customize and set up from the start.

Add a company or department name and date

Just like the Hourly Schedule V1, you can change the cell at the top for Hourly Schedule to use a different name, such as your company or department.

And below that name, you have a spot for the Date. Again, you can use the format you like to enter the date and the template will reformat it for you.

Hourly Schedule Company Name

Enter employee names and IDs

You’ll notice on the very left a column labeled No and numbers that you can use for reference if needed.

Next, you can enter the IDs (if you use them) and names of your employees. These go in the Employee column under ID and Name.

Hourly Schedule Employee Names

Assign Employee Tasks

Hourly Schedule V2

What makes the second tab, Hourly Schedule V2, different than the others is that it includes a column for Assigned Task and times are in 30-minute increments.

So you can add tasks next to your employees. Then in the time slot for when they are working on the task, you can pop in an indicator. You can use a simple X or fill it with a color, whatever works best for you.

Hourly Schedule Employee Tasks

The Hourly Schedule V2 is helpful for seeing the times during their shift that an employee works on a particular task.

Hourly Schedule V3

Hourly Schedule V3 on the third tab is similar to Hourly Schedule V2 in that you can add tasks in 30-minute increments. But it doesn’t include a specific column for those assignments.

You simply add indicators to the squares for the tasks and times. You can use different numbers, letters, or colors (which are easiest to view).

Hourly Schedule Model v3

The Hourly Schedule V3 is useful for seeing how long an employee works on various different tasks during their shift.

Display Total Hours per Task / Employee

On the last tab, you have Hourly Schedule V4 which offers that specific column for Assigned Task. In addition, the time increments are in one-hour periods and you have a Total Hours column on the right.

Enter the task name next to the employee and then in the time slot when they work on the task, enter the amount of time.

For our example screenshot below, John Doe worked on Task 1 for one hour at 7AM, 30 minutes at 10AM, and finished it with one hour at 1PM. The total time spent on Task 1 for John Doe would be 2.50 hours.

Hourly Schedule Total Hours

The Hourly Schedule V4 is helpful for seeing the total hours an employee works on a certain task during their shift. But there are additional ways that you can use this tab to manage your employees’ work schedules.

For instance, you can list all employees scheduled on a particular date. Then, enter a task, project, or department for each. Next, add the number of hours in the appropriate time slots for their shift. Plus, you can include breaks.

You’ll then have a handy total of the hours worked for each employee on that date.

Hourly Schedule Total Hours Example

An hourly schedule for better planning

Whether you decide to use our template for your class schedule, personal tasks, or employee scheduling, you’re covered. It gives you all of the fields and formatting you need for a useful and clear hourly planner. This helps you plan and track where the time goes without creating a schedule from scratch.

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