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They say spontaneity is the spice of life, but organization is the key to success. With our Event Schedule Templates, we’ll help you organize your next event in order to maximize your opportunities for true spontaneity. Equipped with dropdown lists for event ownership and event status tracking, our Templates are perfect for professional event planners. And, they are also great for novices, like stressed-out bridesmaids and harried groomsmen!

Template Contents

Below are the worksheets included in this template.


An event planning schedule template with space for up to 3 different activities at 15-minute intervals. This worksheet also gives you the option to enter a status and PIC (person in charge) for each activity.


A configuration tab, which drives the dropdown list on the “Schedule” tab. You may edit the “Setup” tab as needed to change values on the dropdown list.

Using the Template

Personalize and Print

One prerequisite activity is to add a personal touch to your new event schedule. The first row in each worksheet comes standard with the title “EVENT SCHEDULE TEMPLATE.” Click into the cell containing the old standard title and type in your new title. Next, enter an event name, location, and date.

event schedule change title

If you prefer to track your event schedule on paper, instead of a computer – delete any static activity examples and hit print!

General Use

Events are full of fun activities, often running simultaneously, which is why we provide space for as many as 3 activities to take place at the same time, every 15 minutes. To enter an activity, simply type it into a cell corresponding to the time of the activity.

You may choose to assign ownership to each activity. To assign ownership, click on the “PIC” (person in charge) dropdown list and select the initials of the person responsible for the activity.

event schedule assign ownership

Go to the “Setup” worksheet to create a list of people in charge. The template will have a preset list composed of “John Doe 1 - 10”. Use the PIC list to add your staff’s full names and initials, as shown below.

event schedule setup people in charge

You may also choose a status for each activity by using a 2nd dropdown list containing status options, as shown above. For example, if an activity is finished, choose “D” to mark it as “Done.”

event schedule change status

If there is a new status option that you’d like to add to the list, go to the “Setup” worksheet and type in a new status option on the “Status Category” list, as shown below. The new status option will automatically become available on the dropdown list in the “Schedule” worksheet.

event schedule add new status

Freeze Panes

The show must go on, so we can’t have our column headings disappear as we scroll down to see who or what is up next! To avoid this issue, you can freeze the first row so that it remains on your screen no matter how far down you scroll.

event schedule freeze panes

Note: To freeze panes you must be in either “Normal” or “Page Break” view, not “Page Layout” view.

Next, click into the cell below the top row with dates, and go to the “View” menu. Select “Freeze Panes” and select the 1st Freeze Panes option.

To view a how-to example, see this short video.

Start a New Schedule

If you have another event coming up soon and you need a new schedule, you can create a copy of the original schedule worksheet and modify the new worksheet as needed. This method allows you to retain historical records of past events for reference.

For example, to add a new schedule, right-click on the “Schedule” worksheet and select “Move or Copy.” Then, check “Create a Copy” and click “OK.”

event schedule start new schedule

Finally, rename the new worksheet with a new date or new event name, and fill out new schedule as needed.

event schedule new date

Note: To extend current event schedule within the same worksheet, simply copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) new columns and rows. Adjust time and activity necessary.


Add More Information

This template has all the essential categories to get you started in planning your event. But maybe there are other specific categories that you’d like to include.

For example, if you’d like to include a new “Guest Count” category, simply type it in at the top of the schedule, as shown below. If you’d like to add more categories, insert another row under “Location” to create space for further categories.

event schedule add guest count

Tip: Use the “Format Painter” tool to copy the format of other categories, like Date, to keep things consistent.

copy format

Event in Overtime

What if a speaker or performer gets a bit carried away and runs over the time allotted? No problem! Simply copy and paste the last 4 rows (or less) and adjust the time, activity, and status to show extended activity.

event schedule add time

Change Color Scheme

For many event planners, everything has to be just perfect – including the Event Schedule Template color scheme. To add or change color, highlight all relevant cells and use the “Fill Color” tool to change the background color. To change text color, repeat these steps and use the “Font Color” tool.

Note: Changing the background color will not impact the color coded status selections from the dropdown menu.

Example. Fill Color and Font Color menus.

event schedule change colors

Example. A plant-based color scheme to match the “7th Annual Native Plant Conference” event.

event schedule color scheme example

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