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Any good project could use a schedule to help you keep organized and stay on track. But in construction, an organized schedule is a must! Construction projects usually require literal tons of resources, materials, and funds to get the job done. With so much at stake, knowing the scope of work, and how it fits into a time schedule, is crucial. To help plan these major undertakings, we offer a Construction Schedule Template with spreadsheets for both short-term (weekly) and long-term (monthly) construction projects.

Template Contents

Below are the worksheets included in this template.


For short-term construction projects. A weekly schedule organizer, which allows you to list a start date and end date for each task (and color code a timeline for each task). This weekly schedule spreadsheet has a 52-week range.


For longer-term construction projects. A monthly schedule organizer, which allows you to list a start date and end date for each task (and color code a timeline for each task). This monthly schedule spreadsheet has a 4-year range.

Using the Template

Personalize and Print

Before planning any dynamite demolitions, take a second to personalize your new construction schedule organizer. The first row in each worksheet comes standard with the title “CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE.” Click into the cell containing the old, standard title and type in your new title. Next, enter a project name and then a project start date.

Construction Schedule Change Title

If you’d rather doodle and erase on paper, instead of hunt and peck on a keyboard – just delete the project start date (to clear any preconfigured timelines) and hit print to manage your schedule on paper.

General Use

Whether you are using the weekly or monthly schedule spreadsheet, all timelines are driven by the “start date” at the top of the schedule. Once the main start date is set, enter the start dates for all other tasks on or after the initial start date so that the appropriate timelines are displayed.

For example, in this weekly construction schedule, we set the project start date to February 1st, 2019. Phase 1 of this project is budgeted through May 1st, 2019. Therefore, all Phase 1 tasks should be planned between 2/1/2019 and 5/1/2019, as shown below.

Construction Schedule Start Date Weekly

Construction Schedule Start Date Monthly

The same concept applies to the monthly construction schedule. In this example, Phase 1 is budgeted through end of December 2019.

Color Codes for Timelines

Each timeline bar can be color coded for easier visualization of tasks and timelines. The letter in the 1st column corresponds to the bar color.

Below is a list of letters and their corresponding colors.

Construction Schedule Timeline Color Codes

Note: You don’t have to color code each bar in the order of the alphabet. For example, if you want to color code 2 separate tasks with the same color (or switch up the color order), you can do so by selecting the appropriate letters.

Construction Schedule Color Code Example

Freeze Panes

If you are far along on a construction project, it can be a bit cumbersome to have your column headings disappear as you scroll down to view later phases of the project. To avoid this issue, you can freeze the first row so that it remains on your screen no matter how far down you scroll.

Construction Schedule Freeze Panes

Note: To freeze panes you must be in either “Normal” or “Page Break” view, not “Page Layout” view.

Next, click into the cell below the top row with dates, and go to the “View” menu. Select “Freeze Panes” and select the 1st Freeze Panes option.

To view a how-to example, please see below.

Check the Box

Your construction schedule shows you how many weeks or months a task is expected to take. But if you want to know when a task is really complete you might consider adding a checkbox or simply cross tasks off the list as they are completed.

Construction Schedule Checkbox

To Insert a checkbox, go to the “File” menu and select “Options.” Then, select “Customize Ribbon” and check the “Developer” checkbox under “Main Tabs.” This will add the Developer menu to allow you to insert a checkbox. Once the Developer menu has been activated, select “Insert” and choose checkbox. (If you prefer a radio button instead, that is also an option).

Tip: Once you’ve inserted one checkbox, right-click on it and select “Edit Text” to remove any unnecessary text. Further, you don’t have to keep inserting checkboxes for all other tasks. Simply copy (Ctrl+C) the cell with the 1st checkbox, highlight all other cells you’d like to have a checkbox, and paste (Ctrl+V). To check or uncheck the box, just click on the box.

To view a how-to example, please see this short video.

Start a New Schedule

If you are managing multiple construction projects or are looking to extend your current schedule, you can create a copy of the original schedule worksheet and modify the new worksheet as needed.

For example, to add a new project, select either the weekly or monthly schedule format. Right-click on your preferred worksheet and select “Move or Copy.” Then, check “Create a Copy” and click “OK.”

Construction Schedule New ScheduleFinally, rename the new worksheet with a new client name or project name, and set new tasks and timelines.

Construction Schedule Rename Worksheet

Note: To extend current project schedules within the same worksheet, simply copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) new columns and rows. Adjust weeks and months as necessary.


Include Budgets

In addition to managing scope of work and deadlines, you may want to include a budget to manage as well. Add a column anywhere you’d like and label the column (e.g. budget), as shown below.

Ideally, the project phases are budget subtotals of money spent on individual tasks.

Construction Schedule Include Budget

To add a column, highlight a column to the right of where you’d like to insert a new column. Next, right-click on that column and select “insert” from the pop up menu. Finally, label the new column.

Construction Schedule Insert Budget Column

Change Color Scheme

Match your construction schedule organizer to a color scheme that represents the project type! Perhaps a green color for a sustainable green-building project? Maybe an industrial style rusty-orange and gray color combo? To add or change color, highlight all relevant cells and use the “Fill Color” tool to change the background color. To change text color, repeat these steps and use the “Font Color” tool.

Note: Changing the background color will not impact the color coded timeline bars.

Example. Fill Color and Font Color menus.

Construction Schedule Change Colors

Example. Green-building color scheme.

Construction Schedule Green Color Scheme Example

Example. Industrial rusty-orange and gray color scheme.

Construction Schedule Orange Color Scheme Example

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