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Who doesn't love a nice, tidy, lemon-scented living space? More importantly, we have a responsibility to maintain a clean home for our own well-being. But cleaning can get overwhelming when we think about all that needs to be done. To help make it more productive and enjoyable, we offer a simple way to organize your cleaning tasks. Our 7-day cleaning schedule template provides cleaning logs with built-in status tracking. This organizer is great for both personal use and professional cleaning services.

Template Contents

Below are the worksheets included in this template.

7 Days - Landscape
A 7-day cleaning organizer, with status tracking options, for 14 hours at 30-minute intervals. This worksheet is in landscape orientation.

7 Days - Portrait
A simpler 7-day cleaning organizer, with status tracking options, in portrait orientation.

Using the Template

Personalize and Print

Before you get your hands dirty, take a second to personalize your cleaning organizer. The first row in each worksheet comes standard with the title "CLEANING SCHEDULE." Click into the first row to wipe the old standard title clean and add a fresh one.

cleaning schedule change title

If you prefer to write your cleaning tasks and check them off by hand, the old-fashioned way, just hit print; our worksheets are already set up to fit on one page for printing.

General Use

Each schedule worksheet in this template has a cell, which allows you to enter the 1st day of the planning week. This action will instantly display the remaining days of the week across the top row.

Maybe friday is the best day to start cleaning? If so, just enter the date for friday – the next 6 days will automatically appear labeled across the top of the schedule, with the day of the week and date.

Example. Monday start date.

cleaning schedule start day monday

Example. Friday start date.

cleaning schedule start day friday

With this template, you don't have to follow a traditional weekly schedule. For example, if you are a new cleaning company and have clients booked every few days, simply overwrite the formula with the appropriate dates in the cells across the top. The days and date will increase as you scroll to the right.

Example. Overwrite the formulas with dates that work for you.

cleaning schedule overwrite dates

Tasks and Status

The "7-Day Landscape" worksheet is structured at 30-minute intervals. We recommend listing the task for each day in rows with their corresponding time slot. To the right of each task is a drop-down, which allows you to check off each task as you complete it.

cleaning schedule check off task

The "7-Day Portrait" worksheet is structured by task. We recommend listing a time, a note, or nothing at all in rows with tasks. Again, you have a drop-down option, which allows you to manage tasks by assigning status.

cleaning schedule complete task

Historical Records and New Schedules

You may want to maintain cleaning records to set future priorities. Or, if you are a cleaning service, you may want to manage multiple clients in one organized file. Simply add a new worksheet for each new week or new client, or add a new page in an existing worksheet.

There are 2 different ways to do this.

Option 1: Create a new worksheet for each new schedule or new client.

Right-click on your preferred worksheet schedule and select "Move or Copy," check the box for "Create a copy," and click "OK."

cleaning schedule new worksheet

Finally, click on the new worksheet and rename it as you'd like.

cleaning schedule rename worksheet

Note: The benefit of creating new worksheets is that you won't have to scroll down or across weeks of previous schedules.

Option 2: Add a new page in an existing worksheet for each new schedule.

If, for example, you'd like to organize your schedule data by month, it makes sense to add a new page in an existing worksheet (and label that worksheet with the current month).

First, make sure you are in "Page-Layout" view.

page layout view


Highlight the schedule table and copy it (Ctrl+V). Next, scroll down or across and paste the schedule table on the new page. Finally, update the date at the top of the schedule to reflect the new week.

cleaning schedule paste new schedule

Note: When pasting the schedule onto a new page in the same worksheet, the new page may combine with the previous page. To fix this, insert a "Page Break" to separate the pages.

insert page break


Night Shift

If you are too busy during the day, you can clean well into the night! If you are using the "7-Day Landscape" schedule, you can expand the original schedule to include a "night shift" by adding more rows with more hours. Simply copy the bottom row and insert as many rows as needed by selecting "Insert Copied Cells." The time intervals will automatically continue to increase as each row is pasted.

cleaning schedule add night shifts

Here is a how-to example:

Note: The "7-Day Portrait" schedule includes space for up to 32 tasks per day. Repeat the same steps outlined above to expand the schedule to include more tasks.

Change Color Scheme

You may want to freshen up your cleaning organizer spreadsheet with a nice lemon-yellow or zesty lime-green color palette. To add or change color, highlight all relevant cells and use the "Fill Color" tool to change the background color. To change text color, repeat these steps but use the "Font Color" tool.

cleaning schedule color scheme

Here is a how-to example:

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